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Frequently asked questions about Payment methods and recharges

  • What acceptable forms of payment there are in LabsMobile?

    Through LabsMobile platform credits can be acquired using credit card, bank transfer and local methods in some countries.

    • - Credit card. At LabsMobile we have one of the most well-known and most reputable card payment gateways in the market (Stripe). This payment gateway is compatible with any type of credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) from any bank institution. This platform charges the amount in the local currency to avoid generating any unnecessary fees or currency exchanges. The exact charge will always be made in the local currency that appears in the purchase process. Recharging credits through credit card is an immediate process that can be configured for automatic reloads so the account never runs out of credits.
    • - Bank transfer. This type of payment is only available for euro area countries due to the high bank fees imposed for international transfers. In case a client from outside the Euro zone prefers to pay through a bank transfer, they must request LabsMobile bank details and take charge of any fees or commission. The corresponding amount of credits will be added to the account once the proof of transfer is received.
    • -Local methods for some countries. We have made available to our customers local payment methods to some countries where we have more activity to facilitate transactions. These are the countries and payment methods:
      • Argentina: Local debit and credit cards, Payment coupon (PagoFacil, RapiPago, CobroExpress, Pampa Pagos, Bapro Pagos, Pagolisto, Chubut Pagos, Pagos Province, Formopagos, Pronto Pago).
      • Bolivia: PagosNet.
      • Brazil: Bank Ticket, Local debit and credit cards, Bank Transfer, OnlineDebit.
      • Chile: Sencillito, ServiPag, Multicaja, Local debit and credit cards.
      • Colombia: Via Baloto, PSE (Secure Online Payments), Local debit and credit cards.
      • Ecuador: Payment voucher and bank transfer in real time.
      • Mexico: OXXO, SPEI, Local debit and credit cards.
      • Peru: SafetyPay, Cash Payment, Local debit and credit cards.

  • Is it possible to pay through PayPal?

    Currently PayPal payments are not available. Payment gateway through Stripe is available for credit card payments. This gateway is compatible with most cards, banking institutions and countries.

  • How many messages can I buy?

    Credit top-ups can be any amount from 11, 00€ (plus taxes) or from $12,50.

    During the checkout process you can choose between one of the credit packs or select an exact amount of credits.

    The applied price to each message recharge depends on the volume of purchase. Purchased credits can be used to send any kind of messages to any country(standard, concatenated, unicode, certified, etc.).

  • Could purchased credits be used to send messages to several countries?

    Sí. En cualquier compra o recarga se adquieren créditos que se pueden utilizar para enviar mensajes a cualquier país de destino o enviar mensajes SMS de cualquier tipo (estándar, concatenados, unicode, certificados, etc.).

    En los formulario de envío de la aplicación WebSMS se mostrará antes de realizar el envío el número de créditos a consumir, los mensajes y los países de destino de los mensajes.

  • How do you top-up credits?

    In the account dashboard Top-ups or credits purchase can be made through credit card or bank transfer.

    To be able to perform a purchase users must fill up the necessary contact and Invoicing details.

    For security reasons and for preventing possible fraudulent purchases new accounts first transactions must be validated manually. Within a maximum period of 24h from the first purchase our team will review the pending credit charge.

  • What validity or expiration do the packs or credits have?

    Any recharge or credits purchase is valid for 18 months. This way our customers can estimate the consumption and make an advanced purchase obtaining better rates for a purchase of a pack of a higher volume.

  • Why the first purchase remained on Pending or stand-by status?

    For security reasons and for preventing possible fraudulent purchases new accounts first transactions must be validated manually. Within a maximum period of 24h from the first purchase our team will review the pending credit charge.

    If it is required additional information or documents to validate the account user identity or company that has made the transaction.

    Accounts that had undergone the validation process will have no further limitations and will be able to perform immediate recharges.

  • What are automatic recharges and how do they work?

    Automatic recharges is a very useful feature of the LabsMobile platform so that an account balance never get depleted.

    Through the dashboard you can configure the necessary parameters to perform these recharges:

    • - Minimum balance from which an automatic recharge is made. If the account balance reaches this number of credits, the corresponding automatic recharge will be made.
    • - Number of credits to be recharged.
    • - Default credit card for automatic recharges.
    • - Number of recharges in the last 30 days. For security reasons and to limit the number of total recharges that may occur in the account. If the account has already made this maximum number of recharges in the last 30 days there will be no automatic recharge.

  • When are invoices issued?

    Invoices of any purchase or refill are issued on the first are business day of the month following the purchase. If purchase is made on January 12, the corresponding invoice will be issued on February 1. The invoice will be sent on the day of the issue by email or to the address indicated in Notification settingssection.

    Data used to generate the invoices will be those existing in the Invoicing Details section at the time of issuance.

  • How to modify an invoice data?

    In the event that the invoice has not yet been issued, the details of the invoice must be changed through the Invoicing detailssection. At the time of issuance of the invoice these data will be added to the new generated invoices.

    If the invoice has been already issued and you want to modify the data it is necessary to contact Support center.

  • Is there a charge for using the WebSMS application, API or SMSLanding?

    None of the tools provided by LabsMobile (WebSMS application, reseller plan, API integration, SMSLanding, Link shortener, etc.) has cost.

    Only sent SMS are charged depending on the destination country and the type of message sent (standard, Unicode, Certified, etc.).

  • How long does it take to add the credits after a credit card purchase?

    Credits will be added immediately, shortly after the gateway transaction confirmation.

    However, first purchases made must be validated manually. Within a maximum period of 24h from the first purchase our team will review the pending credit charge. The reason for this review is for security and preventing possible fraudulent purchases.

  • What should I do to make a purchase via bank transfer?

    In case the account origin is the Euro-zone, in the purchase process bank transfer payment option will be available. The steps to be followed are obtaining LabsMobile banking details, make bank transfer and send transfer voucher to support(at)

    If the account origin is not the Euro-zone but still need to do the payment through bank transfer, you must ask about LabsMobile banking details through Support Center or the Account Manager. Any bank tax will be deducted from the amount transferred and only credits corresponding to the net amount received will be added to the user account.