What is the white label SMS reseller plan?

Being a reseller is the process of adapting our services to what you offer your clients.

How does it work the white label SMS reseller plan?

The WebSMS application and API are prepared for you to customize both in design and functionality.

We can adapt the URL, logo, colors, text, brand, etc. so that your customers and users of the WebSMS and/or the API are not able to see that LabsMobile is the provider of the service.

In addition you'll be able to manage sub-accounts and manage their credits. This management can be done manually from an administrator account or automatically through our API Admin.

With this link you can check how to manage accounts or subaccounts: Manage accounts with API Admin.

How much does it cost the white label SMS reseller plan?

The reseller or white label service is free. A minimum consumption of 100 EUR or 120 USD is required.

Any LabsMobile registered user can apply to become a reseller.

How is it contracted the white label SMS reseller plan?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Send us the request to become a reseller to support@labsmobile.com with the following information:
    • - Logo file in PNG or JPG format.
    • - Favicon file in PNG or ICO format.
    • - Website to adapt the color palette (or the primary and secondary color in RGB format).
    • - Commercial name of the SMS platform.
    • - Domain or subdomain to which the WebSMS and/or API application will be assigned
      IMPORTANT: before sending the request, it is necessary to remove any other DNS configuration for this domain or subdomain and add a DNS entry CNAME type with destination r.webtool.labsmobile.com.

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