What kind of errors can occur during the message sending and what do they mean?

Errors during message sending and delivering can occur for different reasons depending on the message status:

Rejected status:

  • - Destination phone number does not exist or has been deactivated.
  • - Phone number format is not correct.
  • - Local operator of the destination country has detected the message as SPAM or unwanted traffic.

Expired status:

  • - Message has been attempted to be delivered during the established time period (usually 72 hours with several further attempts by the operator). Destination number has been nonoperative during the delivery period so the local operator of the destination country could not deliver the message.

Non-deliverable status:

  • - Destination device does not admit the message reception: due to lack of memory, configuration failure, an incoming message blocking application, etc.
  • - GSM network failure during the message delivery process to the device.

Other errors:

  • - Punctual or temporary in the LabsMobile platform.
  • - Punctual or temporary error in the GSM network or the local operator of the destination country.

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