What is a Unicode SMS?

The SMSunicode service makes it easy to send SMS messages using the UCS-2 alphabet characters (any character or symbol).

An SMS message with UCS-2 has a capacity of 70 characters and can be extended to 500 characters by linking several messages.

  • Up to 70 characters => 1 credit.
  • From 71 to 134 characters => 2 credits.
  • From 135 to 201 characters => 3 credits.
  • From 202 to 268 characters => 4 credits.
  • From 269 to 335 characters => 5 credits.

How does it work a Unicode SMS?

Once the service has been activated, SMSunicode will be able to send messages containing any character from the UCS-2 alphabet, straight from the WebSMS application or through the API.

How much does it cost a Unicode SMS?

The activation of the SMSunicode service is free of charge.

Credits will be deducted according to the length of the SMS. An SMSunicode costs 1 credit for every 70 characters.

How is it contracted a Unicode SMS?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Go to the Unicode SMS section of your WebSMS account.
  • Send SMS with any letter or character.
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