Between 2% and 5% of total mobile numbers change or unsubscribe. This means that a database inevitably degrades over time, storing invalid and erroneous numbers, which makes our SMS communications not 100% effective.

For this reason, LabsMobile offers the functionality in its platform to manage databases and get the most out of them.

What is Mobile Database Management?

The mobile database management consists of updating, debugging and cleaning files with lists of mobile numbers.

This function can be performed at different levels:

  • - Filtering mobile numbers according to the destination country.
  • - Eliminate those with incorrect or invalid formatting: landlines, incorrect length, incorrect prefix, etc.
  • - Debug wrong mobile numbers in previous bulk sending. Messages that have generated delivery errors in one or more SMS messages.
  • - Removal of numbers that have been added to the BlackList of the account by the recipients themselves.
  • - Checking of active mobile numbers directly with the telephone operators (HLR Live connection tables).

What will I get with mobile DB management?

  • - Obtain a mobile database with 100% operational and valid numbers.
  • - Perform a validation and update of the mobile numbers of a complete, partial or individual numbers database.

Upon request and budget, it is also possible to perform extraordinary services managed by LabsMobile such as:

  • - Verification and association of mobile numbers with people: it consists in sending an SMS with a code and the recipient person has to verify it on his phone. This technique can be performed individually or massively.
  • - Update and filtering of numbers with the Robinson List or similar to eliminate those recipients who do not want to receive any commercial or promotional communication.
  • - Acceptance and consent of users. This action can be applied when there are changes in the Terms and Conditions or an update in the current legislation (for example in the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection, LOPD).
  • - Collection of additional information: gender, age, interests. Through actions with Landing web or on-line forms it is possible to complete a database with relevant information for segmentation and future actions.
  • - Manage the update of incorrect or erroneous numbers by asking database users to update their mobile number.
  • - Rental of a verified and segmented mobile database for a specific action or campaign. More information in the Mobile database rental service.

How much does it cost Mobile Database Management?

LabsMobile's WebSMS application includes most of the mobile database update and management functionalities.

The only services with an additional cost are:

  • - HLR validation which involves a direct query to the telephone operators' subscriber tables. More information on Mobile HLR validation service.
  • - The services managed by LabsMobile described above and requiring a previous study and acceptance of a customized quotation. Any request in this regard should be addressed to

How is it contracted Google's Verified SMS service?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Import the database and access the Groups section.
  • Click on the update icon of the group to manage. In the pop-up window you will be able to select the available debugging and cleaning options.
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