Links have become a key point, very relevant to the content of SMS messages. They allow to expand the content with any online resource in addition to providing measurable results that we can use for future campaigns, increase the information of the company or communication, generate traffic, etc.

The inclusion of a link in SMS messages will make our message increase its value exponentially and will open the door to obtain much more information than with a simple text of 160 characters.

What is URL Shortener in SMS messages?

Link management consists of:

  • - Link shortening: reducing the number of characters and optimizing the limited space of a standard SMS by replacing a long link with a short one, such as:
    • Generate short links of images or any file (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.).
    • Generate short and static URLs of resources published or available in any on-line service (YouTube videos, Typeform forms, web landings, etc.).
  • - Automatic replacement: if this feature is enabled, any short or long link is replaced by a LabsMobile short link (also in API sending). This option can be turned on and off as needed.
  • - Custom domains: choose and configure a new custom domain (or subdomain) for all sendings.
  • - Monitoring of clicks: by counting and studying clicks on urls it is possible to obtain and measure results and explore market possibilities. These data, available in the WebSMS application, allow to measure the reach of any campaign and to base the next ones on the results (ROI, statistics, reports, listings).

What are the main points of link management?

  • - Fewer characters in a message and more space for more information.
  • - Less cost per sending, therefore less investment.
  • - Personalized domain to generate brand recognition and more confidence in the recipients.
  • - Measurement of interaction results (success of campaigns or mailings and detection of loyal users).

How does it work URL Shortener in SMS messages?

LabsMobile shortens the urls that appear in the text of the messages through a link to the domain followed by a code that identifies each message and url uniquely (example: The default domain ( can be customized by a client's own domain or subdomain to be configured in the account Settings.

On the platform, LabsMobile identifies user clicks by means of a unique code per message sent and stores all the data of that click (date, time, IP address, user agent). With this data it is possible to generate lists, reports and click statistics for each SMS message sent.

Therefore, it is possible to identify the clicks (and all the associated information) for each of the messages sent. This is an additional functionality to any shortener not integrated in an SMS platform.

How much does it cost URL Shortener in SMS messages?

This functionality has no additional cost, it is included in the sending of any message or campaign, therefore:

  • - The link shortening has no cost.
  • - The automatic replacement of links by LabsMobile ( also has no cost.
  • - The personalization of the domain and the generation of an associated SSL Certificate (Let's Encrypt) is also free of charge.

You only need to activate this option and multiply the capabilities and results of SMS communications.

How is it contracted URL Shortener in SMS messages?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Set up a custom domain (if deemed necessary).
  • Add files or static urls in the Attachments section.
  • Set up Automatic Link Replacement (if deemed necessary) in the Account Preferences.
  • Send SMS messages with URLs and the full potential of these functionalities.
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