What tests do I have to do or what should I check in my API integration?

Any API integration with LabsMobile should check the following aspects:

  • - Verify that all mandatory fields are always sent and thus there will be no mistakes or errors by required fields non reported.
  • - Test integration with concatenated messages (longer than 160 characters).
  • - Test the sending of characters non included in the GSM alphabet. In many cases it is necessary to replace some non ASCII characters with GSM alphabetcharacters.
  • - Control the presence of special characters ([ , ] , { , } , | , ^ , ~ , € , \) included in the GSM alphabet that occupy the space of 2 characters.
  • - Verify that all destination numbers contain/include the corresponding country code.
  • - Verify that the sender field contains allowed values (up to 11 alphanumeric characters a-zA-z0-9 or up to 16 numeric digits).
  • - Check whether or not it is necessary to enable or disable the anti-duplicate filter.
  • - In any case validate the requests response.

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