What is the HLR mobile number validation?

An HLR consultation or HLR Lookup checks the status of a mobile phone and provides information on whether the mobile phone number is valid and currently in use. It also provides information on data such as the operator and network that the number belongs to.

The HLR Check is essential for ensuring that your database of mobile phone numbers is always up to date. The service allows you to remove invalid phone numbers from your database, increase the effectiveness of an SMS campaign and reduce its cost.

How does it work the HLR mobile number validation?

All you need is an account with LabsMobile. Then you'll be able to open the WebSMS application with your username and password.

You can manage your HLR checks in the HLR Check section of the WebSMS. Here you'll also be able to view and download the results of any HLR Check.

You can also use the HLR Check service from your software or application, integrating this function via our API. More information about our API.

How much does it cost the HLR mobile number validation?

The HLR Check service has a fix cost of 0.1875 credits per telephone consulted. Therefore each HLR check has a cost from $0.008 to $0.009 depending on the credit pack purchased. The cost is the same for any country.

How is it contracted the HLR mobile number validation?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • After signing up, you will receive a username and password to access the WebSMS application.
  • From then on you'll have access to the HLR Check service through the LabsMobile WebSMS or API.

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