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Frequently asked questions about Activation of a new account and trial period

  • What steps are necessary to activate my account?

    The new account registration and activation process on LabsMobile platform consists of the following steps:

    1. Creation

    • -Registration. Enter the username email in the registration form.
    • - First access. A message will be received on the email address provided with the access password. From then on the account can be accessed through the log in page with username and password.
    • - Notification settings. Configuring account notifications before accessing to any other section is necessary. Different types of notifications must be configured and authorized.

    2. Trial period

    • - Introduction of invoicing details and contact including a verified phone number. With this information the LabsMobile team will verify the account and add test credits.
    • - Tests. Users will be able to try the account features and sendings for free and request technical support or help anytime.
    • - Accepting and signing the Legal terms and privacy.
    • - Finalize the first credits purchase.

    3. Validation

    • - Within a maximum period of 24 hours after the first purchase, the account will be validated or additional information will be requested.

    * At anytime it is possible to access Account status to know at what stage the account is. In addition it will be possible to contact Support or the Account Manager.

  • What is the trial period about?

    New account registered in the platform will be able to try all LabsMobile platform services for free during the following 45 days after registration. Once the account details have been filled out (contact person, company, phone number, address, website, etc.) test credits will be added to account balance. These test credits will be necessary to make the first SMS sending and try out the services, coverage and benefits of the platform.

    Only corporate email account with verified data and no duplicate accounts can try out LabsMobile platform.During the trial period the platform will be fully operational and all functionalities will be available. Users can contact our Support (support(at)labsmobile(dot)com department or through the account support section) or their Account Manager for any help or doubt they may need to solve.

  • What data are necessary for the account activation?

    For the validation of an account on LabsMobile platform it is necessary to provide the following data:

    • - Contact person.
    • - Company name.
    • - Tax ID and business address.
    • - Phone number and contact email.
    • - Verified phone number.
    • - Website.
    • - Business sector and uses of the SMS sending.

    For security and support reasons all data is necessary for the company identification.

  • What should I do if I do not receive the welcome message including my account password?

    Welcome message is sent immediately and should be delivered seconds after registration. Otherwise, it is possible that the welcome email has been considered En caso contrario es posible que el email de bienvenida haya sido considerado como SPAM. SPAM mailbox has to be checked for this email. If the message is not found in any of the mailboxes, LabsMobile support or Account Manager should be contacted for password resetting, verifying the registration email or resending welcome email.