What is the sending file attachments in an SMS?

SMSFile incorporates a link to text into an SMS message. This link leads the user to a file which provides more information on the content of the SMS.

When the recipient clicks on the link, the file opens and the content is displayed on their mobile device.

You can send any type of file as a link in an SMS message. The typical files sent are images, videos or text documents etc.

How does it work the sending file attachments in an SMS?

All you need is an account with LabsMobile. Then you'll be able to open the WebSMS application with your username and password.

In the File section of the WebSMS you can add and manage account files.

When you send SMS messages, select the file which you want to include as a link inside the SMS text.

Once the message or SMS campaign has been sent, you can access the file's statistics.

How much does it cost the sending file attachments in an SMS?

The SMSFile service is included as part of the WebSMS application. There is no additional cost to use this service.

SMS messages sent with links to files are the same price as conventional SMS messages.

Any user registered with LabsMobile has unlimited access to the SMSFile service.

How is it contracted the sending file attachments in an SMS?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • After signing up, you will receive a username and password to access the WebSMS application and SMSFile service.

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