What is the Premium Support Plan?

The Premium Support Plan is a LabsMobile service intended for customers with a regular high volume consumption or for customers who decide to hire this service on demand.

Customers who enjoy this additional support will have priority support in their queries and issues, information about the platform on an ongoing basis and personalized consulting in relation to the use they make of the SMS sending platform and statistics of their results.

We remind you that this service is complementary to the Standard Support that LabsMobile offers to all users who have an account on its platform.

What is included in the Premium Support Plan?

These are the detailed advantages included in the Premium Support Plan:

  • Direct Contact: a direct line of contact with a Key Account will be provided to request information or make any inquiry (working days from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm UTC). This Key Account will be the recommended interlocutor in case of any incident, query or requirement. The means of contact may be by email, WhatsApp or phone call.
  • Priority support: any inquiry or incident in our Support Center (chat and ticketing) will have a answer in less than 2 hours by our support team, giving priority before other cases.
  • Advice and consultancy: an annual study of the customer's shipments and activity will be carried out. With this information, a report with recommendations and best practices adapted to the specific case of the client account will be prepared. This report will be presented by the Key Account and sent in document format to the account managers.
  • Training: a training plan of up to 3 annual sessions on the functionalities of the LabsMobile platform and the SMS channel is included. These sessions must be agreed and scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

How much does it cost the Premium Support Plan?

LabsMobile rewards the loyalty of its customers, and therefore for all customers with a consumption of more than 5€ per day (150€ per month for at least 6 consecutive months), it is a service included in the purchase of SMS messages and at no additional cost.

No management is required. The account will be recognized as Premium by our system and will automatically enjoy these services. In this case, you will be notified by email and the assigned Key Account will contact you to inform and initiate the Premium Support Plan.

For all other customers, the price is 89€/month (with a minimum permanence of 6 months) and includes all the services mentioned above.

How is it contracted the Premium Support Plan?

To contract the service, send an email to support@labsmobile.com with the account information and requesting the Premium Support Plan.

In this case, and after receiving the request, the assigned Key Account will reply with information about the contracting process and the next steps to enjoy the Premium Support.

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