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Gestión de envíos y campañas con la Aplicación Web de LabsMobile: Envíos, Campañas, Créditos y Más

SMS experts for companies

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We are the specialist SMS platform for companies. Since 2009 we continue to revolutionize the corporate SMS channel, improving deliverability and efficiency in the communications of thousands of customers.

Entrega instantánea de SMS para mejorar la comunicación y aumentar la eficiencia en varios sectores

Pay only for SMS sent

No setup or maintenance fee
Configure any customized SMS pack
All services included

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Corporate SMS:
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Sending bulk SMS

Impact your audience in an effective and direct way, taking advantage of the reliability of a leading platform and the backing of an expert support available 24 hours a day. Discover the power of SMS communication with LabsMobile.


Optimize your communication by integrating LabsMobile's SMS API. Automate the sending of SMS messages with a secure and easy to integrate interface. Connect with LabsMobile and expand the possibilities and services of your software.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Transform your marketing strategies with LabsMobile SMS campaigns. Segment your audience, personalize your messages, analyze metrics and achieve impactful results with our intuitive and powerful platform.

Services we offer to your company

Find out how our services can complement your SMS marketing and communication strategy and get the best results.

"Notifies, optimizes and builds loyalty."

Incorporate SMS in all communications with your customers. Notify about orders, discounts, appointments, offers, deliveries, payments, events, etc.

98% reading rate
Reduced and limited cost per impact

Your users or customers will appreciate useful and timely information. Include the efficiency of SMS in all your company's processes.

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Advantages of the SMS platform for companies of LabsMobile

Value for money
We carefully select the most direct and highest quality SMS routes at affordable prices, ensuring optimal delivery at the lowest cost.
We have more than 15 years of experience in SMS corporate communication, helping thousands of companies and organizations.
Our technical platform is the cornerstone of our offer: simple and user-friendly, constantly updated and focused on the SMS channel.
We are proud of our technical support team, always ready to answer your questions efficiently and through direct channels.

SMS prices adapted to
your needs

Optimize your SMS communication with LabsMobile's fair and flexible tariffs.

Reliable and quality SMS routing
No other charges
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Expert and available support
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Information of interest (FAQs)

At LabsMobile you only pay for the SMS messages sent.

The LabsMobile professional SMS platform has no additional cost. There is no registration or maintenance cost and all services, even the most advanced ones are included in the price of the SMS.

The operation is very simple.

The operation is very simple, purchase an SMS pack that will add credits to your account and send to the countries and recipients of your choice.

Learn more about the SMS prices and the services included.

LabsMobile is a professional SMS messaging platform.

Currently, it is one of the leaders in SMS communication with more than 15 years of experience and thousands of customers in more than 30 countries.

Learn more about our Products offering.

LabsMobile as a SMS platform offers high quality SMS connectivity in more than 230 countries.

SMS messages can be sent through our Web App or with the API SMS. The first step is to create an account in the signup form.

In addition, LabsMobile offers a comprehensive product catalog to take advantage of all the benefits and features of the SMS channel.

The main advantages of LabsMobile are:

  • - The best value for money in SMS routing that guarantees maximum and best deliverability at the lowest cost.
  • - A platform improved over the last 15 years that brings together all the features needed to optimize and enhance your SMS communication.
  • - A support close, expert and always available for any case or query.

Any company or entity can hire the SMS LabsMobile platform for their corporate communication.

You can create an account with just an email and try without restrictions all the functionalities of the platform.

Any company or entity can use the platform for its corporate communication.

When you want to purchase an SMS pack, you must provide your billing information and make a minimum purchase of 9EUR or 10 USD.

And now you can buy a SMS pack.

And you can create SMS messages or campaigns by entering the numbers of the recipients and configuring the SMS sending.

See more frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base .

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