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Create a strong company brand

Utilize SMS technology to make your communication better, more efficient and more relevant.

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Your health clinic
Hi Michael, please remember you have an appointment with us tomorrow at 10.30am. If you can't make it, or if you want to change the time: or call +1470-330-8321.

Optimize, notify, build trust

Incorporate SMS messages into your communications with clients and inform them of orders, collections, deliveries, appointments, transactions, events etc.

Clients and users love useful, relevant, well-timed information. You can utilize the efficiency of SMS in all the processes of your business.

SMS messages and marketing

The most effective corporate communication method

Mass media
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Text Message
SMS code
Your new code is 62522.

SMS security

Identify. Validate the mobile phone numbers of your users or clients with an SMS code. Link a mobile telephone number to the users of your mobile or web app.

Secure access. Send one-time passwords (OTPs) by SMS. Safeguard access to the key processes of your business.

Errors and events. Communicate immediately the most important issues or events of your business via SMS.

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Maximum efficiency,

minimum cost

Incorporate into your business the cheapest form of communication per recipient and conversion.

Utilize our SMS services with no additional cost or limitation. We provide the best tools in SMS marketing using methods with maximum reliability.

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from LabsMobile

Using the LabsMobile API you can start sending SMS text messages straight from your application in just a few minutes. It's easy, 100% compatible, comes with technical support as well as many other features. +info

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your bulk SMS

Customize the names of recipients in your SMS messages. Personalize the sender to build your business image and develop your brand's reputation. +info

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Your appointment with the doctor will be tomorrow at 18:30. Thank you
Hi Marcus!
This is a reminder that your appointment at Clinic Labs is tomorrow 18/11 at 18:30. See you soon!

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