What is SMS Url alerts service?

SMSPing is a monitoring service for your website or URLs.

SMSPing will periodically check the status of each URL and send an SMS alert if the URL is not working properly.

How does it work SMS Url alerts service?

From the user account, register a URL with the text it contains while it is functioning correctly. The platform will periodically check the URL and send an SMS if it detects that the URL is no longer accessible. It will also send an SMS if it detects that the URL doesn't contain the correct text.

When the URL is back to functioning properly, a new SMS alert will be sent.

How much does it cost SMS Url alerts service?

The SMSPing service activation has no initial cost or limitation.

Only when an alert or change in status occurs will credits will be deducted.

How is it contracted SMS Url alerts service?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Go to the SMSPing section of your account to add URLs.
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