About LabsMobile

LabsMobile is a professional SMS communication platform. We have more than 10 years of experience in the SMS sector and more than 6,000 companies worldwide.

Our goal is to provide solutions in communication and mobile marketing to companies and organizations in any sector, providing a better experience to our customers as well as to end users or recipients.

We are specialists in professional communication technologies and we can help your brand or project to spread effectively. We improve any productive or marketing process by adding SMS services.

The LabsMobile platform gives an added value in:

Quality of SMS routes. We have coverage in more than 200 countries with direct routes and maximum reliability, especially in Europe, Latin America and North America. One of our main objectives as a supplier is to maximize deliverability.

Software and tools A full-featured technology platform with campaign management, click tracking with custom domain, SMSLanding, Verified SMS, API integration, etc. all at no extra cost.

Support. Constant monitoring and support from our staff during the use of the platform in different direct channels. We have a staff of professionals in all departments with years of experience in the SMS sector.

The innovation in new technologies is one of the strengths of LabsMobile. We are currently working on adding services such as WhatsApp Business and RCS to the platform. In this way, it is intended to offer the best corporate communication service and that these functions allow improving the quality of your SMS sending service.

LabsMobile puts at the service of the customer the quality of its platform, its experience and professionalism.

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