Information about SMS messages to Ireland

Main operators (OMR)

Operators who offer their services under their own network.

Vodafone, Eir, Tre.

Virtual operators (OMV)

Operators that through an agreement use another operator's own network.

Postmobile, Blueface, 48 months, BT Ireland, Tesco Mobile, Lycamobile, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, Cubic Telecom.


Market share of cell phone operators in the country.

Vodafone - 40%
Tre - 40%
Eir - 20%

LabsMobile coverage



5 millions of people.

Subscribers or users

Number of cell phone lines or subscribers. Cell lines per inhabitant.

5,3 million mobile subscribers.
Mobile penetration: 106%
1,06 mobile lines per person.

Country code or prefix


Mobile phone format

Valid format of how the country's cell phone numbers are or should be.

Prefix + 8 + (8 digits)
The first number must be an 8 followed by 8 digits of the cell phone number. In total there must be 9 digits plus the prefix of Ireland (+353).
Examples: 353871283091, 353812836129, 353801276382.

Concatenated SMS messages

The operators and telephony network support messages with a capacity greater than 160 characters.


Unicode SMS messages

Operators and telephony network support Unicode messages (UCS2) that can include any character, symbol or emoticon. They have a capacity of 70 characters.


Certified SMS messages

The operators and telephony network support the sending of certified SMS with legal validity. By sending this type of message you get a certificate of delivery and content. The certificate is valid in any legal or administrative process.


2-way service (sending/receiving)

Possibility of contracting a number for receiving SMS messages and that this number appears as the sender in messages sent for two-way communication.


Sending URLs

Ability to send links in the text of the SMS message. LabsMobile platform provides the functionality of shortening urls and monitoring the clicks made on these links.


Route type

Quality and performance of the route: Direct/1 Hop/Indirect/Wholesale.

Direct to all operators. This means the highest quality, reliability and minimum delivery time.

Sender type

Default sender on all sendings: Shortcode/Longcode/Toll Free/ etc.

There is no default sender and there is no limitation. It is possible to customize the sender in each shipment. Numeric and alphanumeric senders can be sent.

Dynamic sender

Feature that each sending can contain a different sender and chosen by the emissary.


Alphanumeric sender

Possibility of sending senders with any character or digit with a maximum of 11 characters.


Sender pre-registration

Need to register senders prior to sendings.


Supported traffic type

Transactional or promotional.

There is the possibility of requesting an exclusive account of transactional traffic that will have a priority in the processing time and delivery of messages.

Delivery confirmation type

Delivery of SMS messages confirmation: device or network.

Device delivery confirmations. That is, there is evidence of the moment (day/hour) in which the message has reached the destination device. The device itself confirms to the operator the correct delivery of the message.

LabsMobile Support

LabsMobile customer support resources when creating a user account.

Without aditional costs. Included in the price of the messages.
LabsMobile offers the following support channels:
- Commercial and technical issues in the online chat (14x5 hours) that you can find in our website and WebSMS application.
- Support Center during 24h 365 days a year. Especially for incidents, account settings and urgent or technical questions. Accessible from the account itself or from


Management, shipping and monitoring web application.

Without aditional costs. Included in the price of the messages.
Tools and applications adapted to the numbering of the country are included, such as:
- Import only valid mobile numbers, discarding duplicates, landlines and numbers with invalid format.
- Individual sending or campaigns with revision and warning of invalid numbers.
- Updating of groups or databases discarding invalid numbers or that have generated errors in previous shipments.
More information about WebSMS functionalities at

API & Docs

Integration of the LabsMobile platform with any environment, application or platform.

Without aditional costs. Included in the price of the messages.
More info about the LabsMobile API at:

Payment methods available

- Payment by credit/debit card.
- International bank transfer to a bank domiciled in Belgium (SEPA zone) in EUR or USD.
- PayPal
- Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.)

Other considerations

It is necessary to obtain the consent of each end user before sending any communication, especially promotional or non-essential marketing messages.

Están recomendadas las comunicaciones sólo en horas diurnas y días laborables.

Any unwanted message, attempted fraud or any misuse of the SMS channel is strictly prohibited.
We have filters and the traffic sent is constantly and automatically monitored. In case of detecting any illegal sending, the account will be blocked and all the data and information of the account will be sent to the corresponding authorities.
LabsMobile is firmly committed to making SMS a useful and efficient channel for issuers. and final recipients. In addition to preserving SMS communications free of fraud and bad practices.

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WebSMS application

All management, configuration and SMS sending services in a single web portal

  • Dashboard - Welcome Page

  • Import contacts

  • Send bulk SMS to groups

  • Campaign management

  • Send SMS individually

  • Campaign and message statistics

  • Historical or message finder

  • Status and information of the messages sent

  • Available web landing templates

  • Editor to personalize web landings

  • Credit Purchase

SMS pricing

Packs of
Packs of
Packs of more than

All inclusive: delivery confirmation, statistics, web landings, shortening urls, etc.

Payment methods: Credit/debit card, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies and Wire transfer.

Direct routes and maximum reliability that guarantee delivery in a few seconds.

Choose your custom pack or recharge from 187 SMS.

International coverage. Compatible with all mobile operators in more than 250 countries.

Support included: Account Manager, WhatsApp support, ticketing, email, tutorials, etc.

Unlimited use without cost of the web portal WebSMS for managing and sending SMS campaigns.

Unlimited use without cost of our API integration with any application or software.

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Our technicians are available to support you and you have all the documentation and resources online: http/JSON, code examples, code libraries, etc.

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Personalized and efficient support

We are always by your side

As a user you will have access to the following support channels:

  • Chat (14x5): live assistance from one of our agents, accessible from and WebSMS.
  • Support Center (24x7): ticketing to resolve any question or issue. Accessible from, WebSMS or FAQs.
  • Online resources: tutorials, FAQs, blog SMS Marketing, etc.
  • Premium Support: phone support, priority support and personalized consulting. For high volume accounts or under contract.
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