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Frequently asked questions about Contacts and phone number database

  • How can I import a number database?

    In the WebSMS Recipients section different options to import or create a number database are available.

    The WebSMS account contacts or recipients can be classified in groups. Thus, it is possible to create or import groups in two different ways:

    • - Manually through the Import phone numbers section. By introducing a group name and copying a list of phone numbers a contact group is massively enlisted.
    • - From a file through the Import filesection. The compatible file formats are CSV, TXT, XLS y XLSX. A XLS template with introduction and importing examples can be downloaded from the main importing form.

    It must be borne in mind that when carrying out the import you can choose the name of an existing group to increase the number of contacts in that group. In the case that the grupo does not exist previously, a new group will be created. Subsequently, contact groups are managed (modify, delete, export, etc.) through the Groups area inside the Recipients section.

  • How to segment or group contacts or numbers in my account?

    WebSMS account contacts are classified into groups. Each group can be identified by a name and each user can name groups in different ways.

    Group contacts can be massively imported or managed individually. It is important to keep good group management to facilitate message sendings or campaigns. In addition, it is convenient to update and clean up the phone numbers database as messages are sent to increase the number of messages delivered and the effectiveness of the actions or sending.

    We recommend to unsubscribe/delete those numbers which messages status was Rejected or Non-deliverable.

    Message sending forms allow massive sending to all group members or to more than one group at a once. And also select some members of a concrete group.

  • Is it possible to import additional data of each phone number or contact?

    Yes. Through manual import and specilly through import file it is possible to create contacts with additional data that can be used in the message text.

    By default there is a name field (using the variable %NAME%) for all of the contacts but also information customized columns can be added for each case (using the variables %FIELD1%, %FIELD2%, %FIELDX%).

  • How can I export my account contacts?

    Exporting an account contacts is a possible process through the Groupssection. In the list of the account groups there is an option available to export all contacts to a CSV file.

  • How can I modify groups or contacts in my account?

    Contact modification can be done individually or manually for a few contacts. And also massively when changes affect many contacts or phone numbers.

    Individual changes can be done through the RECIPIENTS - Contactssection. All contact fields can be edited in this section contact list.

    To modify contacts massively it is necessary to export all contacts of a group (through the RECIPIENTS - Groupssection). Once groups are exported you can modify, delete or add new contacts. Groups must be imported to the platform once again through the section Import file.

  • How is the GDPR or privacy policy complied in SMS?

    To comply with the current data protection law (LOPD o GDPR) in all of the SMS communications two simple requirements must be met:

    • - Clearly identify the message origin or sender. This is, the sender company, brand or organization must be present or identifiable in the communication. Company or brand name can be included in the sender field or the text message.
    • - Offer an easy and free unsubscribe method. It is enough to include a contact method (phone number, email, link, etc.) where recipients can unsubscribe from database and not receive any future communications. LabsMobile platform places at your disposal an unsubscribe form that includes automatically unsubscribed phone numbers in the account Blacklist. These phone numbers will not receive any future communication from this account.

    We recommend to fully comply with the data protection law in the collection of personal data and specially of the mobile phone number. Otherwise, the sender company or organization may incur in major offenses subject to larger penalties according to the current regulations.

  • How can I clean up my database?

    It is highly recommended to clean up and update the phone numbers database on every message sending.

    To this end, the Clean option available in the RECIPIENTS - Groupssection can be used. This option deletes from groups all phone numbers that have generated error after the last message sending, those that do not comply with the country format rules and phone numbers included in the account Blacklist.

    But it is also possible to carry out a periodic manual maintenance or update by exporting and eliminating those phone numbers that have generated a Rejected or Non-deliverable error during the last message sending. Wrong phone number list can be exported through the SMS History section filtering by dates or necessary criteria.