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Frequently asked questions about SMSLanding service

  • What is SMSLanding service for?

    SMSLanding service is about creating and configuring a website that will be sent in an SMS through a link included in the message text.

    LabsMobile platform offers users a series of templates for them to use as a baseline of content and design. Any landing can be entirely customized (content, structure, design, etc.). All available templates have been created by experts in design and usability of mobile interfaces. In addition to all that they take advantage of all the features of the device and the SMS communication.

    SMSLanding service includes landing hosting and clicks counter for links included in sent messages.

    This way SMSLanding provides a solution for a variety of campaigns and message sendings that require additional information or including multimedia content through a landing web. It is the perfect match to SMS (con un 98% de visibilidad) presenting customized and adapted content.

  • What advantages do SMSLanding templates have?

    Web templates are available in LabsMobile platform and have been created by experts in design and usability of mobile interfaces. They adapt to any use or application of any sector customizing their content, design and structure.

    In addition, these templates take advantage of the features of all mobile devices (call, localization, links, etc.) and maximize the display as they are mobile first templates.

  • How to create a new landing web in my account?

    Se puede crear una landing web en la sección Landings del panel de control de la cuenta. En esta sección se debe seleccionar una plantilla y posteriormente personalizar y configurar la landing según las necesidades de cada caso.

    Una vez guardada la landing en la cuenta se podrá añadir un enlace a esta landing web desde cualquier formulario de envío de la aplicación WebSMS.

    La landing web quedará alojada en la plataforma LabsMobile desde donde se podrán hacer envíos SMS y campañas masivas.

  • How can you customize the design of a landing?

    Through the Landing Editor available at the LabsMobile platform you can customize the design, structure and content of any landing.

    In particular, in the Design section of the Editor you can select the landing main color as the basis on which to adapt all the template modules. It is also possible to add specific CSS rules to modify any aspect of the landing web.

    In addition, any text can be customized changing font, size, thickness, aligning, etc. Text, images, background, modules can be modified and customized accordingly to your requirements.

  • How can I see all the available modules in a landing?

    Through the main landing Editor screen all the available template modules or elements can be seen. In the All section available modules can be seen and filtered by feature or content: headers, sliders, text, banners, map, buttons, footers, etc.

  • How can I add or delete a module in a landing?

    The recently created landing will be located in the right part of the landing Editor main screen. Each one of the modules appears marked by a gear in the upper-right part. When positioning the cursor on this gear, available options for the module will be shown.

    For creating or adding a new module you have to drag the chosen module to the right part of the Editor. You can place the new module in the desired landing position and also move the modules (up/down) afterwards accordingly to the user requirements.

    To delete a module you should position the cursor on the gear, click on Options and select Delete.

  • What features do buttons or icons allow in a landing?

    All buttons, icons and images allow the following actions or features:

    • - Internal link: linked to another module of the same landing. The action of this links allows moving the landing vertically to the content related to the button or icon.
    • - External link: linked to an Url of any online resource or website.
    • - Call: this action is linked to a phone number. If a user clicks on this option the calling application will pop-up with the phone number included ready to be called in one click.
    • - SMS sending: likewise call action, this one will pop-up the message application with the phone number and specified text included ready to be sent quickly and easily.
    • - Email sending: through this action the user mail application will be opened and a new email will automatically be created with a specified subject and recipient. One click lets the user send this email.
    • - Open a map: One click lets the user see on his default map application (Google Maps for example) con un clic el usuario verá en su aplicación por defecto de mapas (Google Maps por ejemplo) the point or address previously specified. The user will be able to access the map application features like how to get to a point or public transport options.
    • - Share on WhatsApp: through this option the user will be able to share with his contacts or WhatsApp groups a specified text in the landing.
    • - Unsubscribe link: clicking on this action button or icon will redirect the user to the unsubscribe form of a LabsMobile platform account. This way unsubscribed phone numbers will be added to the account Blacklist and will no longer receive any SMS.

    All these actions can be added and configured in the landing Editor when clicking on the corresponding button or icon and selecting the Link tab.

  • How can I link a landing to my Google Analytics account?

    Through the landing Editor (web Settings section) it is possible to include a Google Analytics identifier code to be able to monitor visitor and user behaviour on the landing.

    Since this code is included in the landing visits statistics, online users, and all available data can be monitored through Google Analytics. This is the best way to check on the success of a campaign or SMS sending.

  • How can I change a button or an icon?

    Different icons and buttons might appear in a landing. All of them can be changed by other icons or buttons and also assign actions to them.

    To modify any of the properties click on the icon to view the icon detail bar.

    Through this bar it is possible to change the icon character through the Icon tab. It is possible to search by name or select an icon from the list.

    Actions associated to icons should be activated and configured through the Link tab found in the same icon detail bar. Possible actions are: internal link, external link, SMS sending, email sending, open map, share on WhatsApp and unsubscribe link.

  • How can I change the text content, font, size, color, margin, etc.?

    It is possible to modify the text and look of a landing web.

    To change the content click on the text and you will be able to delete it, or add more characters.

    When clicking on the text, text and design editing options will be shown on the Editor left side. On this menu bar any aspects related to text design like font, size, thickness, spacing, and alignment, can be changed. And you can also change the background image by uploading any new image you prefer.

  • How can I add a Landing in a message sending or SMS campaign?

    Through all LabsMobile platform sending forms you can select any of the saved landings and include in the message text the link to the landing.

    At the sending moment the platform will assign to every message a sole link to be able to follow-up the click statistics.

    It is also possible to include the landing link (available in the Editor and on the list of landings) Además es posible utilizar el enlace general de la landing (disponible en el Editor y en el listado de landings) in an SMS or campaign.

  • How can I make a sending test including a landing?

    In the landing Editor there is an option through which you can make a sending test clicking on the upper-right button. Through this test a message will be sent including the link to the landing and this way the content could be seen from any mobile device.

    You can also copy the link and send it through any of the sending forms available on LabsMobile platform.