What is Google's Verified SMS service?

The Google Verified SMS are standard messages in which Google verifies the origin and sender of the messages, which provides certainty and reliability to customers who receive these communications.

With this type of messages, Google shows end users a personalized icon and a verified profile of the sender sending the SMS.

The advantages and benefits of these messages are:

  • - The trademark icon of the sender is recognized in each SMS message sent.
  • - There is no warning that the message could be fraudulent, unwanted or SPAM.
  • - Through the SMS inbox the user can visit the profile page with the sender's contact details.
  • - Any message sent with the same registered sender, not sent as Verified SMS by Google will be shown as a possible fraud message.

What can we achieve by sending Verified SMS by Google?

Build a loyal database generating trust and brand recognition. With Google Verified SMS the communication between company and user is even more relevant, transparent and direct.

In addition, this practice prevents phishing, smishing and any fraud of identity theft. This allows you to regulate this type of bad practices and increase the corporate security of your organization.

How does it work Google's Verified SMS service?

The vSMS (Google Verified SMS) are managed through official providers validated by Google, such as LabsMobile, and that after a validation process allow registration in this technology.

Specifically, it is necessary to register each of the organizations (or brands) and each of the senders that these organizations use associated with each destination country.

Once the process of creating the SMS verified agent has been completed and registered with the corresponding senders, the customer will be able to send SMS messages on a regular basis.

LabsMobile will communicate to Google the SMS communications sent that match the registered senders. In this way the devices will show as verified only those messages sent from validated platforms or origins.

It should be noted that in no case will the content of the messages be communicated to Google. To comply with the data privacy policy, only a cryptographic representation of the message will be communicated to Google, so that Google or third parties will not have access to the specific content at any time.

It is important to emphasize that currently only Android devices with the Messages application equal to or higher than version 5.2 are compatible with this technology.

According to statistics, this represents between 20-40% of total users. In the coming months and years, this coverage will increase to other mobile platforms and software manufacturers, so that this type of SMS will have greater penetration among end users and is estimated to reach more than 80% of devices in the next 2 years (2024).

On the other hand, messages sent to cell phones that do not support this technology will be displayed as standard messages without any extra functionality.

How much does it cost Google's Verified SMS service?

As of today, the process of registering and sending verified messages has no additional cost.

LabsMobile will manage for free the registration and validation process of the vSMS agent and the corresponding senders in the destination countries.

Once the configuration of the Google Verified SMS Service is confirmed in the LabsMobile account, it will be possible to send verified SMS messages without limit and without any additional cost. The only cost will be the cost of the SMS messages.

How is it contracted Google's Verified SMS service?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • Follow all the steps to validate your account.
  • Complete the registration form Google Verified SMS.
  • Wait for the activation confirmation of the Verified SMS service from LabsMobile.
  • Supported recipients will receive the Verified SMS messages.
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