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Frequently asked questions about Plan Reseller

  • What is the Reseller Plan about?

    The Reseller Plan includes the following functionalities:

    • - Own-label design. Design is customized (colors, logo, favicon, etc.), url, texts, etc so the reseller can distribute LabsMobile services to third parties.
    • - Multi-account management. The administrator account will have a new section to create, delete and modify the balance of the subaccounts. Multi-account management can be done manually from the administrator account or through LabsMobile API Admin. It is possible to customise and configure the options menu and subaccounts visible sections.
    • - Customized login page. An own-label access page to the WebSMS application is included.

    Commercial information and website are not included and will be responsibility of the reseller but will have LabsMobile support. Payment method should be also provided by the reseller as it will not be included.

    Reseller rates are the same of a standard account but when acquiring credits for multiple accounts they can benefit from better rates acquiring packs of bigger volume.

  • How should I activate my reseller account?

    Reseller account activation must be requested by contacting LabsMobile Support Center through email to support(at)labsmobile(dot)com or through the account support section. To apply for the reseller plan it is necessary to fill out all the billing and account details. It is also compulsory to send the following information or files:

    • - Logo in JPG or PNG format.
    • - Favicon in ICO or PNG format.
    • - Predominant and secondary color in RGB format.
    • - Name of the application or service.
    • - Subdomain or domain reserved for the white label WEBSMS application.

    Important: for the customization of the URL it is necessary to add a CNAME type DNS entry to this domain or subdomain (for example =>

    LabsMobile support team will confirm the reception of the reseller account request and in a maximum period of 48 hours the account will be operational.

  • How long it takes to activate a reseller account?

    Reseller accounts will be active 48 hours after the reception of all the necessary information (files, data, DNS configuration, etc.). LabsMobile support team will notify the reseller through email once the account is configured and ready to use.

  • How to get income with a reseller account?

    A reseller purchases credits from LabsMobile through the administrator account and transfer them to any subaccount. Affordable rates are available for resellers when they acquire packs of bigger volume for all the subaccounts. Retail price is unilaterally fixed by the reseller as well as the payment method.