How much does an SMS cost? On what does it depend?

The price of an SMS sent from LabsMobile platform depends on two factors:

  • - Destination country. The destination phone number must include the recipient country prefix. A price in credits will be deducted depending on that destination country. Consumed credits by each standard can be checked through the Services and credits by countrysection. The price of a standard SMS can also be checked through the Prices section available on our website.
  • - Type and length of the text. A standard SMS can only contain GSM Alphabet characters and have a 160 characters length. If characters sent are not included in the GSM Alphabet (accents, emojis, symbols, etc.) an Unicode SMS with a maximum capacity of 70 characters must be sent. It is possible to send a standard SMS and a Unicode SMS concatenated that the recipient will receive as just one message. It has to be borne in mind that each part of the message will deduct the corresponding amount of credits.

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