What features do buttons or icons allow in a landing?

All buttons, icons and images allow the following actions or features:

  • - Internal link: linked to another module of the same landing. The action of this links allows moving the landing vertically to the content related to the button or icon.
  • - External link: linked to an Url of any online resource or website.
  • - Call: this action is linked to a phone number. If a user clicks on this option the calling application will pop-up with the phone number included ready to be called in one click.
  • - SMS sending: likewise call action, this one will pop-up the message application with the phone number and specified text included ready to be sent quickly and easily.
  • - Email sending: through this action the user mail application will be opened and a new email will automatically be created with a specified subject and recipient. One click lets the user send this email.
  • - Open a map: One click lets the user see on his default map application (Google Maps for example) con un clic el usuario verá en su aplicación por defecto de mapas (Google Maps por ejemplo) the point or address previously specified. The user will be able to access the map application features like how to get to a point or public transport options.
  • - Share on WhatsApp: through this option the user will be able to share with his contacts or WhatsApp groups a specified text in the landing.
  • - Unsubscribe link: clicking on this action button or icon will redirect the user to the unsubscribe form of a LabsMobile platform account. This way unsubscribed phone numbers will be added to the account Blacklist and will no longer receive any SMS.

All these actions can be added and configured in the landing Editor when clicking on the corresponding button or icon and selecting the Link tab.

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