Recommendations and good practices

Here you can find the recommendations and guidelines to take into account during the integration of the LabsMobile SMS API.

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Our technical department is made up of a team of professionals with years of experience in SMS technology. We have highlighted below the factors which should be considered during the process of every integration.

We ask that all customers who integrate their applications with our API check that their integration takes into account all the following points:

Mandatory fields.

The fields: message, msisdn (destination number) and those corresponding to the authentication (client, user, and password) are all required.

Length of the message.

The content of the text message cannot be void, empty or exceed 160 characters (except for SMSLong), which is the maximum limit of an SMS. The following characters occupy two bytes in the GSM alphabet and therefore count as two letters: [ , ] , { , } , | , ^ , ~ , € , \.

Number format.

 The numbers must have a numeric format and be prefixed with the country code.

Valid sender.

The sender field (TPOA) has a maximum capacity of 16 digits or 11 alphanumeric characters (only valid letters and numbers are allowed, A-Z|a-z|0-9).

Duplicate messages filter.

Our platform filters out duplicate messages: SMS messages with the same content sent to the same number within the same hour. The LabsMobile platform does not charge nor will send duplicate messages. These messages can be seen in the WebSMS application, labeled as duplicates.

Invalid characters.

The message field must only contain characters from the GSM alphabet (See alphabet of characters valid, GSM 03.38 7-bit). We recommend that you convert characters that are not supported and remove those that are not in the GSM alphabet and can’t be replaced, such as:
   á a
   í i
   ó o
   ¡ !
To validate the integration it is essential to check the sending of special characters such as &, €, line breaks and unsupported characters (accents).

Version and XML encoding.

All technologies, except HTTP/GET, use XML as the language defining the SMS parameters. You must specify the version and the coding alphabet in the first line, in addition to checking that it corresponds with the coding to be sent, in order to avoid invalid character errors and reserved characters from being overlooked:
   < &lt;
   > &gt;
   & &amp;
   " &quot;
   ' &apos;


During the integration period, you can send SMS messages with the test parameter activated. This means you can perform all the tests necessary at no cost and check the results in the WebSMS application.

Traffic limits.

LabsMobile accounts have a default limit of the number of messages you can send per batch (10,000) and the number of SMS you can send per day (50,000). If you want to modify these limits, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.


Once you have completed the basic integration we recommend applying additional security measures such as the IP or HTTPS encryption filter.