What is an SMS quotation?

It is a process in which LabsMobile's commercial department will adapt its services and SMS rates to the needs of its customers who need to send massive SMS.

Who is a bulk SMS quotation for?

We have standard rates in the SMS Pricing section. In this section it is possible to see the SMS prices per volume and per destination country. You can also download the list (in PDF format) of all current prices.

However, those customers who have a high monthly volume of SMS messages can request a customized quotation. In this quotation, our sales department will evaluate various parameters to offer the best rates while respecting the quality, functionality and reliability of the SMS connection.

Bulk SMS quotation process

These are the steps to make a request and obtain a bulk SMS quote:

  • 1. Fill in the form fields at the top of this section. All contact details and messages information will help our team to make the best offer. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill in all the data rigorously and with all the necessary information. In particular, the following are essential:
    • Contact details of a valid contact person (name, email and cell phone).
    • Organization data (Name, website, etc.)
    • LabsMobile account user name.
    • Monthly SMS sending volume and destination countries. It is important that the monthly volume data is adjusted as the quotation will be made for a price of an SMS pack of that amount.
    • Sending information (use case and examples).
  • 2. Our sales team will review the information provided and will contact the contact person if necessary. It is important to provide correct data so that we can contact you during the quotation process. This validation and quotation process can take up to 72h.
  • 3. Sending of the personalized SMS quote. An SMS message will be sent with a link to the quote in online format. The quote is valid for 30 days from the date of sending.
  • 4. In case the customer accepts the quote he must complete the required data on the same online platform where the quote was submitted. Specifically he must provide:
    • A username email in which the SMS price of the quotation will be applied.
    • An activity start date or SMS sending date.
  • 5. The LabsMobile team will configure the custom price in the user account within 48h maximum.

In addition we strongly appreciate that in case of non-acceptance of the quotation, please fill in the quotation satisfaction questionnaire where you can specify the reason for non-acceptance.