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SMS ads. A tutorial on how to create the best system of ads for your company.

Apr 17, 2020
SMS ads. A tutorial on how to create the best system of ads for your company.
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Marketing strategies are an essential element to achieve success and growth in a company. With technological advances and a bigger use of cellphones by people, many mobile techniques started to be developed. For example, SMS ads.

They are not simple SMSs but complex messages, with pre-designed templates (landing pages). These have specific functions in a segmented public. They are not only useful to increase potential sales but many types of companies and businesses can take advantage of this perk: a car shop, a bank, a therapy center, a medical center, etc. Let’s see, then, how to create the best system of SMS ads for your company

How do SMS ads work?

This type of message allows you to fulfill different functions, such as:

  • Reminders: this is the perfect technique to remember appointments, meetings, or anything you want to remind the client. It’s also useful to refresh their memories and make sure they will be there for the meeting. 
  • Informative: they can inform people immediately about news or other information. For example, if the shop is closed because of an emergency, if an event is cancelled or closed for holidays.
  • Invitations: you can invite people privately and in a personalized way so they can participate in an event or meeting. 
  • Promotions: used in the sales field of a company, they allow you to notify your clients about new promotions, discounts, product campaigns and more. You can also give them bonuses presenting the message, or any other strategy you can think of.

SMS ads. A tutorial on how to create the best system of ads for your company.

Using SMS Ads brings about certain advantages. In the first place, communication with the client is direct and it allows for more personalization and a feeling of closeness. Messages are not generic but are especially directed to each client in an individual way.

In the second place, you can make sure information arrives, because text messages are immediate (no matter where the person is) and can be read in a short period of time. 

Uses of SMS within CRM 

Another of the main advantages is the ease of use of SMS ads in managing relationships with clients, also known as CRM. This is a usage that works as a database with all the interactions between the company and its clients.

This software will allow you to get to know in depth the behavior and needs of each of your users. This will favor the integration of SMS with marketing campaigns, using every detail and data obtained from CRM.