Check the status and availability of a mobile number and avoid unnecessary sendings.

What is HLR lookup mobile number validation??

The HLR validation (Home Location Register or also called Lookup) verifies the status and availability of a mobile number, determining its validity and current usage. It also provides information about the operator and network associated with the mobile number and its format.

It is an essential tool for keeping cell phone databases up to date, discarding invalid numbers and allowing users who have changed their contact number to update their data.

The HLR service improves the effectiveness of any SMS sending or campaign and reduces sending to invalid numbers and their cost.

How does the HLR mobile number validation work?

LabsMobile and its partners have updated databases and direct connection with telephone operators to know if a number is in use and which operator or telephone network it corresponds to.

This service is available in more than 200 countries with full accuracy and guarantee. However, there are different types of coverage and levels of service, ask us about your specific case.

Through an HLR query or validation the following results can be obtained:

  • If the format of a number is correct obtaining the country and type of number (mobile, landline, tollfree, etc.).
  • The operator or mobile network to which the number is currently subscribed and whether it has been ported since it was contracted.
  • The current status or availability of the number (active, absent, inactive, error, etc.). That is, if an SMS would be delivered instantly or if it would generate a delivery error.

This service is available in our Web application and also integrating with our API. See the HLR API documentation to learn how to integrate and automate this service.

How much does HLR mobile number validation cost?

The HLR service registration is free of charge and the service is available in all LabsMobile platform accounts from the moment of registration.

Each HLR query has a cost depending on the type of validation to be performed:

Appropriations by type of consultation HLR
Inquiry about the format of the mobile number.0,001 credits
Consultation on the format and associated network/operator.0,075 credits
HLR query with format, network and status information of the number (active or inactive).0,1 credits

If you wish to perform a massive and/or recurring volume of HLR queries contact us and we will send you a customized quote.

How to sign up for HLR mobile number validation?

These are the steps to contract and use the HLR mobile number validation service in the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
You will need to generate a token in the API Settings section of your account to use it along with the username email as credentials.
See the HLR API documentation to learn how to perform and integrate HLR queries.
Perform first HLR queries and validate your databases or avoid unnecessary sendings.

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