Catalog of SMS products

This is the product catalog offered by our SMS platform. Our products are a complete solution for the SMS communication of any entity or company in any sector. They provide an efficient, optimized and quality management to any communication through the SMS channel.

Web application

Discover the functionalities and plans of our web application. All in one application for sending SMS messages and managing your user account. Boost your communication with ...

Landing SMS

Enrich your SMS campaigns with web landings. Extend your SMS with an attractive personalized design, multimedia elements and 100% responsive.


Automate your sendings and campaigns integrating with our SMS API. We make it easy for you, you will find all the resources, libraries, plugins, examples and support so that...

Virtual numbers

Identify yourself by sending SMS with a dedicated virtual number as sender. And receive replies from your recipients by creating interactive applications.

URL Shortener

Optimize urls or links so that they occupy the minimum number of characters in your SMS, and with a personalized domain for greater credibility and brand recognition.

White label reseller plan

Become a LabsMobile reseller and offer your customers our platform and white label services. Earn revenue on every message.

SMS OTP codes

Increases the security of any access, registration or transaction. Send OTP codes by SMS in 2FA processes or validate the owner of a mobile number.

SMS Certificates

Send SMS with international legal validity in any legal or administrative process. Certificate of sending and content equivalent to a burofax.

Unicode SMS

Include any characters such as accents, symbols and emojis. Send messages with proper spelling and take advantage of emojis to have a greater impact.

Concatenated SMS

Forget about 160-character SMS messages. Expand the capacity of your SMS messages and your recipients will receive them as a single message.

SMS Attachments

Send files (documents or images) and online multimedia resources of any format as attachments in standard SMS messages via a link.

Mobile database management

Use our tools to test, update and improve your databases and contact groups. Optimize and make your sendings and campaigns more efficient.

Rental of mobile databases

Carry out actions of attraction and prospecting to new contacts segmented by different criteria. Expand your reach and database in a totally legal way.

HLR lookup validation

Check the status and availability of any mobile number worldwide. Update your contacts and do not send messages to outdated or wrong numbers.

Mail SMS

Send SMS to your contacts via email. Discover the easiest way to automate your SMS sending without API integration or programming code.

Premium support

Check the hours, attention and contact information of the standard support service and the premium support for high volume accounts.

SMS appointment reminders

Avoid missed appointments and automate the sending of SMS reminders using the optimal channel: universal and with a 98% read rate.

SMS Gateway

Learn more about the features of SMS routes using LabsMobile's SMS platform: top quality at the best price.