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Why send SMS campaigns?

It will always read (98% open) and in seconds.
Compatible with any mobile device
Choose the best day and time to reach your audience.
Improve results and metrics in each campaign.
Get to know your users or customers better and build loyalty.
Power and extend your campaigns with web landings

SMS Marketing:

The most effective method

Recipients always open and read an SMS received. The average opening rate is 98%. Avoid SPAM with the SMS channel.


The cost of an SMS campaign is limited and is proportional to the number of registrations. Take advantage of the lower cost per impact.


It's very easy: import, choose a template and schedule your sending. Create professional SMS campaigns in minutes!

Keys to a successful SMS campaign.

Strategic Segmentation

Define and understand your audience, personalizing messages, timing and content according to their interests, behaviors and preferences.

Concise and Attractive Content

Capture attention with short but eye-catching messages. Use direct language, effective calls to action and irresistible offers to motivate conversion.

Measurement and Continuous Optimization

Analyze key metrics such as open rates, conversions and feedback. Adjust your strategy and constantly improve it to maximize the results of your SMS campaigns.

Choose LabsMobile for your SMS campaigns.

It's very simple! No need to hire anyone, do it yourself with our platform and support.

Discover all the functionalities to manage your contacts without limitation and automatically. Import, update, segment, debug, etc.
Links and clicks
Get the most out of your SMS links. Anchor them with your own domain and monitor the clicks on each message.
Extend the content of your campaign and improve your results with customized, beautifully designed and mobile-optimized web landings.
Support and testing
We will give you support and advice throughout the process. You will be able to test our platform free of charge, take advantage of it!

And all at no additional cost, you pay only for the SMS sent!

Send your SMS campaigns

Steps to send an SMS campaign.

Sign up here and access your account.
Import recipient groups with all necessary data.
Get inspired with our text templates and create your copy with custom variables.
Create a landing web site by choosing a template and customize it.
Schedule your campaign for the perfect day and time, deferring delivery in small groups.
Consult and optimize the statistics and metrics of your campaigns.

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Information of interest (FAQs)

The cost of an SMS campaign is proportional to the number of recipients or messages to be sent.

The price of each SMS varies depending on the country of destination, length of the SMS and volume of the pack. To calculate the exact price of a campaign we recommend simulating the sending in any sending form and you will get the exact total amount.

More information on how to calculate the price of a sending in the SMS Pricing or in How to calculate the price of an SMS? .

On the SMS LabsMobile platform there is no other cost (registration, maintenance, monthly, etc.), only the SMS sent are paid.

Sending an SMS campaign with LabsMobile is very easy!

All you need to do is create an account, import the recipients, enter all the campaign data and purchase the necessary SMS pack.

More information in the Bulk SMS Campaigns tutorial video.

The main requirement is a mobile database or list of recipients.

Also in the process of creating an SMS campaign the following elements should be decided upon:

  • - Text short clear and concise with call to action or contact method.
  • - Date and time of scheduling.
  • - Customization variables (such as the recipient's name).
  • - Link to a landing page or conversion tracking.
  • - Budget depending on the target countries and message length.

Register and create your SMS campaign in just a few minutes.

There are several metrics that indicate the success of an SMS campaign, such as:

  • - Delivery rate on messages sent as a function of delivery/error confirmation.
  • - Interaction rate which summarizes clicks on SMS links, landing statistics, etc.
  • - Conversion rate taking into account the number of recipients and target conversions (purchases, contacts, leads, etc.) completed.

LabsMobile provides tools to obtain these metrics and improve the results in each new campaign or sending. More information in Massive SMS Campaigns tutorial video.

These are the main advantages of sending SMS campaigns with LabsMobile:

  • - The best value for money in SMS routing that guarantees maximum and best deliverability at the lowest cost.
  • - A platform improved over the last 15 years that brings together all the features needed to optimize and enhance your SMS communication.
  • - A support close, expert and always available for any case or query.

See more frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base .

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