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What are time-limited SMS promotions?

Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the main tools that a company can make use of to achieve success and improve its sales, either of a product or a service. One of the most popular techniques is SMS promotions. A significant number of people can be reached using a database of phone numbers. They may be regular clients or potential new customers.

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Publication: 12.23.2019
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How do SMS promotions work?

SMS promotions are made to increase sales. Its operation has been checked with a minimum of 10% growth and increasing. We are not talking about common text messages, but about attractive and interactive ones. They are made with default templates and they usually include photos and videos to make them more appealing. They can also include external links or QR codes.

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There is a special kind of promotion called limited. They are specially made for specific times of the year when sales are fundamental. For example, moments when gifts are made, or dates are designed for online purchases. Some of these dates are:

  • Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday SMS - LabsMobile

These two dates have been created to encourage online sales. Both were generated in the United States and spread throughout the world. Black Friday is celebrated one day after Thanksgiving - the fourth Friday of November -, while Cyber ​​Monday is held on the following Monday.

  • Mother's Day

It is one of the most celebrated times of the year and it is characterized by giving gifts to maternal figures. Dates may vary in different parts of the world.

  • Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, sales of products and services increase, either for gifts or going out to restaurants and cinemas, among others.

  • Christmas

At the end of the year, one of the biggest parties is celebrated. It is a historical tradition that is held worldwide, and it is essential to give gifts to different family members.

All these exact dates are very important forSMS campaigns. In order not to miss opportunities and to be able to plan strategies in advance, an annual calendar can be used. There you can check off-key moments to know when they are approaching and be prepared beforehand.

 What kind of promotions are the most successful ones?

When carrying out limited SMS promotions, different procedures or tools that work as an incentive to increase sales can be used. Some are better than others; the most effective ones are going to be highlighted below.

First, there are discount coupons or vouchers. Their operation is simple: when presenting the coupon, a deduction of the value of the product is received. The discount may vary, usually between 10% and 20% from the original price. In addition, these coupons last for a limited period of time that correlates to the promotional campaign.

Another method is connected with gifts. It can be done in two different ways. First, by direct gifts: with this method, the purchase of a product or service is encouraged through a complementary or free gift. The other way is by deferred gifts: upon reaching a certain amount of purchase points, or being a customer for a certain amount of time, some kind of gift is received.

 There are also raffles or contests. For example, all those customers who buy a product will be part of a random drawing. Among all the participants, there will be one or several winners. This is useful to attract regular and unusual customers alike.

What are time-limited SMS promotions?

In order to carry out this kind of promotion, LabsMobile is the ideal platform. Here you can find all the necessary tools, from a database of phone numbers to default SMS templates, ideal to ensure the success of the promotion.

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