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Sending Bulk SMS

Discover the leading bulk SMS platform. Our experience of more than 15 years supports us.

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How to send Bulk SMS

Choose the bulk SMS sending option that best suits your needs

All in one application for sending SMS messages and managing your account. Boost your communication with this application specialized in the SMS channel and improved over the last 15 years.
Automate your bulk sms integrating with our SMS API. Here you will find everything you need so that in a few minutes you can send your first SMS messages reliably and safely.

Our Bulk SMS services

Discover how our services can complement your SMS marketing and communication strategy and get the best results.

How does the SMS platform LabsMobile work?

LabsMobile's SMS platform is a comprehensive tool to facilitate effective SMS communication. It adapts to any use case, company and sector.

Help is always available
Users will find numerous help resources such as video tutorials, FAQs, blog, etc. And also a technical support team to solve any query or incident.
Advanced features
Advanced functionalities are also included to enhance your SMS messages such as: web landings, url shortener with custom domain, unsubscribe management, click monitoring, etc.
API Integration
Automate any process using LabsMobile's SMS API. Integrate any application or software with our platform easily, quickly and securely.
Sending messages
The platform allows you to send bulk SMS messages quickly and efficiently, reaching a wide audience instantly. Try and choose the sending option that best suits your case.
Database management
Our platform provides all the import and update functionalities for your contact and mobile number databases.
Obtaining metrics
Through statistics, reports and history you can obtain all the metrics of any sending or campaign. In particular, delivery confirmations, errors and click monitoring.

And all this at no extra charge or cost, all included with the purchase of an SMS pack.

Discover our web application.

Why LabsMobile is the best SMS platform for you

Value for money
We carefully select the most direct and highest quality SMS routes at affordable prices, ensuring optimal delivery at the lowest cost.
More than 15 years of experience in SMS corporate communication, helping thousands of companies and organizations.
Our technical platform is the cornerstone of our offer: simple and user-friendly, constantly updated and focused on the SMS channel.
We are proud of our technical support team, always ready to answer your questions efficiently and through direct channels.

Why send Bulk SMS to your customers?

98% reading rate
Reduced cost per impact

Pay only for SMS sent

No setup or maintenance fee
Configure any customized SMS pack
All services included

Meet a few of the thousands of satisfied professionals

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Information of interest (FAQs)

A Bulk SMS service allows sending SMS text messages to groups of people simultaneously or communications in an automated way.

It is used by companies for marketing campaigns, alerts, notifications, reminders, codes and urgent communications.

You should hire an SMS platform such as LabsMobile to manage and automate deliveries, ensuring that SMS messages arrive reliably, quickly and efficiently to the recipients.

The bulk SMS service has a variable price and proportional to the number of recipients or messages to be sent.

The price of each SMS varies depending on the country of destination, length of the SMS and volume of the pack. More information on how to calculate the price of a sending in the SMS prices section or in How to calculate the price of an SMS?.

On the SMS LabsMobile platform there is no other cost (registration, maintenance, monthly, etc.), you only pay for the SMS sent.

Massive SMS are text messages sent on a large scale or in an automated way usually from entities, organizations or companies.

They allow an effective and direct broadcast, instantly reaching a wide audience through their mobile devices.

LabsMobile is one of the specialist and leading platforms in the sending and management of bulk SMS since 2009.

To send bulk SMS, you need a specialized platform like LabsMobile that allows you to upload contact lists, compose the message and schedule the sending among other basic functionalities.

LabsMobile offers all these features and many others such as customizing messages, segmenting audiences, analyzing results, shortening links and monitoring clicks.

We also facilitate the automation of SMS sending through our API SMS.

Bulk SMS offers companies a high open rate (98%), immediate delivery and direct access to anyone worldwide.

It is effective for promotions, reminders, codes and urgent alerts. It facilitates personalized and mass communication, improving reach and interaction with recipients in a cost-effective and efficient way.

The main advantages of LabsMobile as a Bulk SMS platform are:

  • - The best value for money in SMS routes that guarantees maximum and best deliverability at the lowest cost.
  • - A platform improved over the last 15 years that brings together all the features needed to optimize and enhance your SMS communication.
  • - A support close, expert and always available for any case or query.

See more frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base .

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