Send emails to be converted into SMS delivered to any recipient

What is the Mail SMS service??

The Mail SMS service converts e-mails into SMS messages.

The operation is very simple, send an email following the instructions of our MailSMS documentation and in seconds the LabsMobile platform will send an SMS to the recipient.

MailSMS is indicated for users who want to send SMS easily without technical integration or to integrate a software that can only send emails.

How does the Mail SMS service work?

Any user or application can send emails to an address and with the Mail SMS service they will be converted into SMS messages and delivered to any recipient.

Important It is necessary to structure the email with the fields and format detailed in the Mail API documentation.

This type of sending via Mail SMS is not suitable for mass use or immediate delivery due to the limitations of the e-mail communication channel.

How much does the Mail SMS service cost?

The MailSMS service is free of charge. Any LabsMobile registered user has unlimited access to Mail SMS.

Only SMS messages sent are to be paid according to the SMS Prices and how SMS messages are priced.

How to subscribe to the Mail SMS service?

These are the steps to integrate and use the Mail SMS service in the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
You will need to generate a token in the API Configuration section to use it along with the username email as credentials.
See the Mail SMS API documentation to learn how to send emails.
Perform the first tests and validate all the functionalities in the Historical of your account.

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