Use cases and SMS applications for Health and healthcare

In the healthcare sector, LabsMobile's SMS messaging plays a crucial role. We facilitate the coordination of medical appointments, medication reminders and test results, ensuring efficient and patient-centric communication.

This sector includes hospitals, clinics, aesthetic centers, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapists, psychologists' offices, laboratories and clinical analysis centers, fertility clinics, veterinarians, dentists,...

The SMS channel for the industry Health and healthcare

The SMS in the health sector allows a good communication between the health center, hospital or clinic and the patient, being a sector where the SMS messaging service has a great implementation for its efficiency and speed, besides being very economical.

The staff will save time and the cost of individualized calls, and will then be able to send messages in bulk but personalized. In addition, the use of SMS in healthcare saves money if people attend appointments confirmed or cancelled via SMS: optimization of visits.

In this sector it is important to keep patients well informed in a personalized and adapted way in each case.

Main sector uses Health and healthcare

  • Appointment reminder
  • Confirmation of arranged visit
  • Vaccination reminder
  • Information and medication reminders
  • Reminder of annual reviews
  • Cancellation and rescheduling of visits
  • Notices of test collection or analysis
  • Direct patient - doctor communication
  • Evaluation of visits and services
  • Promotion on treatments or products

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Health and healthcare

🕙 Hi Maria, remember that tomorrow Tuesday 17/06 you have an appointment at Maina dental clinic at 17h (C/Velazquez 32 2n 2º). Call us at 917623672 to change your appointment.
Description: Message to remind you of a medical appointment. The objective is to avoid no-shows and optimize the medical center's agenda.
Hi Marcos, the 📉 results of your medical tests are already available at El Centro. You can also download the document at
👉 with your password 456FG.
Description: Message to inform of the availability of medical results or important documentation.
Hi Marisa, we attach here your schedules 📅 for next August:
👉 Any doubt or modification call ☎️ 917826322.
Description: Shift and work schedule communication message. The objective is to streamline shifts and human resources.
Hi Fernando, remember 🕙 💊 that today Tuesday at 11h you must take a dose of Sintrom. If you have doubts call us at 912347128 More info about Sintrom at
Description: Communication and reminder of a medication intake. The objective is the correct administration of medications in time and quantity.
Juan, we are interested in knowing your opinion 👍 👎 about today's visit to Vitadent Clinic. Give us your feedback here:
Description: Communication to patients who have had an appointment or have been treated. The objective is to receive in an agile and quick way the opinions and evaluations that will help to improve patient care.

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