Use cases and SMS applications for Automotion

Optimize customer relationships in the automotive sector through maintenance alerts, service updates and exclusive promotions. LabsMobile provides an effective tool to strengthen customer loyalty and improve the overall service experience.

This sector includes mechanical workshops, spare parts sales, driving schools, car rental, car dealerships, second hand sales, car shows and meetings...

The SMS channel for the industry Automotion

SMS marketing is very common in the automotive industry as it allows dealers to create different campaigns depending on the objectives and type of customer. Some of the objectives are to publicize a new offer, test a new model or build loyalty with customers who have already purchased once.

SMS is also commonly used in the automotive industry as a fast and efficient solution for communicating with repair shop customers. SMS is a very useful tool to notify a vehicle pick-up or to evaluate the service offered.

SMS-based marketing campaigns for this sector can build a relationship of trust with the customer. It is a matter of segmenting the brand's existing database well based on age, place of residence, or other parameters.

SMS communication in this sector allows you to send fully personalized SMS messages. With them, it is possible to provide greater customer service and customer loyalty.

Main sector uses Automotion

  • Notification of vehicle pick-up
  • Appointment reminder
  • Reminder of regular check-ups and appointments
  • Sending personalized quotations
  • Special offer campaigns
  • Service or repair assessment surveys
  • Information on events or activities
  • Launch of new models or products
  • Follow-up of the delivery process
  • Exam or test reminders
  • Sending invoices or administrative documentation

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Automotion

🚙 Hello Marcos, your vehicle is ready for pick up. The amount of the repair is 💶 243,50€ details:
👉 Hours: 9-19 M-F
Description: Communication to remind customers that their car is already repaired and ready to be picked up. The objective is to streamline the management of repair delivery.
This week ONLY and with this SMS we offer you a discount of 🌟40%🌟 on tire change. Check the models and conditions in
👉 Take advantage of this UNIQUE offer!
Description: Campaign to communicate an offer or discount for a limited time. The objective is to increase sales through these promotional SMS messages.
🏎 We invite you to the driving days of the new Volvo S66. 📆 On the 12th and 13th from 18h-20h. Includes catering and exclusive gifts! 😉 Sign up
Description: Invitation for a test drive of a new car model. The objective is to build customer loyalty and try to sell the new model.

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