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Steps to obtain an SMS quote

Submitting the form

Fill in the form at the top of this section. The contact details and SMS information will help our team to make the best offer.

They are necessary:

  • Contact details of a valid contact person (name, email and cell phone number)
  • Data of the organization (company name, address, website, etc.)
  • User name of the LabsMobile account.
  • Monthly SMS sending volume and destination countries. It is important that the monthly volume data be adjusted since the quotation will be made for a price of an SMS pack of that amount.
  • Information about sendings (use case and examples).

Preparation and presentation

Our sales team will review the information provided and will contact the contact person if necessary.

Communication of quotation or proposal

An SMS message will be sent with a link to access the quotation in online format. Therefore, it is important to provide correct data so that we can contact you during the quotation process.

The quotation has a validity of 30 days from the date of sending.


To accept the economic proposal the customer must fill in the required data on the same online platform where the quotation was submitted.

At the time of acceptance, the following must be provided

  • A username email in which the special price quote will be applied.
  • A start date of activity or SMS sending.

In addition, we would be very grateful if you could let us know the reason for non-acceptance if you do not accept the quotation.


In case the quotation has been accepted, the LabsMobile team will configure the customized price in the user account within a maximum period of 48h.

All included at no cost.

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By sending a large volume you will get the Premium Support:

  • Direct contact with a manager
  • Priority support in any case or ticket
  • Training and personalized advice

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Information of interest (FAQs)

At LabsMobile you only pay for the SMS messages sent.

The LabsMobile SMS platform has no hidden fees - there are no registration, maintenance, or activation costs. All services, even the most advanced, are included in the price of the SMS credits.

Learn more about the plans and services included in the web Application description.

It is a process in which the commercial department of LabsMobile will adapt its services and SMS rates to the needs of its customers who need to send high-volume SMS messages.

You can start the process here and a sales representative will contact you to provide you with a personalized economic offer.

You can also view the Standard SMS Prices or download the complete list of prices per country.

Buying a pack at LabsMobile is very easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Create an account here and try the service with no commitment.
  2. Validate your account by entering your billing information.
  3. Buy an SMS pack by selecting the SMS number and payment method.

The price of an SMS message is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • - Destination country. Each destination country has a different unit cost
  • - Type and length of the message. Depending on the number and characters contained in the message text, the message type is defined (standard, concatenated, unicode or certified).
  • - Message type and length.

To know the exact amount of a sending or campaign we recommend calculating the price of the SMS pack on this page or performing a simulation in any sending form of our Web Application.

In this section you can calculate the total amount of your SMS pack by selecting the destination countries and the sending volume.

If you are sending a large volume SMS package we recommend requesting a personalized quote. A sales representative will contact you and send you a proposal adapting our rates and SMS routes to the specific case.

A SMS pack is the combined purchase of a number of SMS messages in a single transaction.

A SMS pack purchase adds credits to your account balance to be able to send SMS messages to any destination country.

The purchase of a pack adds credits to your account balance so you can send SMS messages to any destination country.

At LabsMobile you can buy a SMS pack of any quantity or volume. We adapt to your needs and therefore, you can create your custom SMS pack.

Please note that the minimum SMS pack is 10 USD (or 9 EUR) and that the credits purchased have an expiration of 18 months.

We encourage you to calculate the price of your SMS pack

See more frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base .

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