Increase the security of any process or application by sending OTP codes in SMS messages.

What is an OTP SMS Code?

An OTP code (One Time Password) is a random password generated specifically for an authentication, validation or verification process. This OTP code is valid only for a single process and generally has a limited validity time of a few minutes.

One of the most effective and widespread techniques to create a secure and reliable authentication or validation process is the double factor authentication (2FA - Two Factor Authentication) by means of an OTP code. This code is generated right after entering the valid credentials (username and password).

OTP codes can be used in multitude of actions and processes such as:

  • Two-factor or multi-factor authentication (login).
  • Verifications of a cell phone and association to a user.
  • Signature of documents.
  • Voting and participatory processes.
  • Access codes to portals or systems.
  • Confirmation of payments or economic transactions.
  • Physical access: opening doors, WiFi connections, devices, etc.
  • Personalized discount codes.

The need for cybersecurity

In recent years there has been an exponential increase in cases of fraud and computer attacks and security in any computer system or software is a crucial issue.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase security measures by companies and organizations in order to guarantee the privacy and integrity of the data and thus improve the trust and reliability of the service.

Previously, only financial institutions had two-factor or multi-factor authentication. But now it is widespread and can be found in a large part of the access, registration or authentication processes of platforms and applications of all kinds.

In times of constant cyber attacks and cybercrime, OTP codes in 2FA and verification processes provide a necessary and essential security to any system that generates confidence in users.

LabsMobile, SMS and Cybersecurity

LabsMobile with its SMS platform contributes to cybersecurity by providing secure and reliable SMS communications in any authentication or verification process.

Why send OTP codes in SMS messages?

OTP codes can be transmitted through different communication channels and sending through the SMS channel is one of the most commonly used for the following factors:

  • Adds security as it is sent over a channel that is difficult to intercept, such as the GSM network.
  • It is compatible with any mobile phone internationally without the installation of any software or application.
  • It is direct and immediate, delivery takes only a few seconds.
  • Possibility of automation and integration such as that of the LabsMobile SMS API.
  • Reduced cost per process or SMS OTP code.
  • Configurable in number of retries, destination countries, minutes of validity, etc.
  • Widely known and used system which enhances the user experience.
  • Validation of users with a unique mobile number to avoid duplicate or false accounts.
  • Identification of users for actions with legal or administrative repercussions.

In fact, according to all statistics, a large percentage of messages sent today are OTP codes used in validation, verification or authentication processes making it one of the primary use cases of the SMS channel.

In addition, many mobile devices have the functionality where the received OTP SMS code appears on the keyboard and allows you to copy it directly into the verification application or website without having to go to the inbox and copy the code manually. This allows a better experience and facilitates usability.

How does an OTP SMS code work?

The standard operation is that the user must enter the OTP code received in a web or app environment in order to correctly complete the action (authentication or verification). For this purpose, one code is normally sent per validation process and this has a validity of between 5 and 30 minutes for security reasons.

An SMS OTP code is sent over the GSM network, which is more reliable and secure since it is not transmitted over the Internet and is much more difficult to intercept.

To make use of these SMS messages with OTP codes and integrate them into any software or application it is necessary to use LabsMobile's API SMS or the specific API OTP which adds more security.


There are some important aspects to take into account in the implementation of an authentication or verification process. Such as:

  • OTP code retries.
  • Clear and friendly user interface.
  • Integration of multiple OTP code communication channels.
  • Data validation (mobile number).
  • Contact information in case of incident.

We recommend reading and applying the OTP Process Implementation Guide where we summarize the key points.

How much does an OTP SMS code cost?

The OTP code sending service and the integration with the OTP API has no additional cost, as in most LabsMobile services you only pay for the SMS messages sent.

In any case, in order to calculate the cost of this service we recommend taking into account the SMS prices and how the price of SMS messages is calculated and different factors of user behavior such as: different access attempts, alternative channels (email, call, etc.), destination countries, etc.

How to start sending OTP SMS codes?

These are the steps to activate, integrate and configure the sending of OTP code by SMS in the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
Consult the documentation of the standard SMS API or the specific OTP API to perform your integration.
Review and apply the OTP Process Implementation Guide.
Enjoy a more secure and reliable environment.

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