Use cases and SMS applications for Education and training

Optimize communication in educational environments with our customized SMS solutions. From class reminders to event alerts, LabsMobile facilitates the effective connection between educational institutions, teachers and students, improving the management of vital information.

This sector includes schools, language academies, libraries, universities, competitive examinations, courses, conferences, online training,...

The SMS channel for the industry Education and training

SMS in the education and training sector is a fast and secure means of communication between the school, students and their families. SMS messages reach the entire community efficiently and immediately.

All this allows for good communication between the different agents that make up this community, increasing enrollment in courses, events or others, and promoting a good offer for extracurricular activities, courses or events.

SMS communication can facilitate many of the administrative tasks of an educational center such as payments, notifications, authorizations, absences, etc. All this facilitates the work of the school staff and also makes it easier for students or parents to be always informed.

Main sector uses Education and training

  • Registration information
  • Reminder of exams and relevant dates
  • Communication of grades and exams
  • Schedule of classes, openings or events
  • Messages with important documentation or information
  • Confirmation of attendance
  • Notification of absences
  • Last minute change information
  • Notification of payments
  • Sending notifications or authorizations

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Education and training

Take advantage of our OFFER for this SUMMER ☀️ 🌴 ⛵️ Learn ENGLISH while traveling. BOOK YOUR PLACE with a 30% discount at
Description: Promotional message for a specific period of time. The objective is the sale of limited places or products when their consumption is usual.
⚠️ Your child did not attend class today 07/13/2018 at 9am. Virolai School
Description: Notification of a student's non-attendance. The objective is to notify the parent or guardian and reduce absenteeism in schools.
Hello Ana, your AC30 enrollment is already formalized. The price is 💶 92,30€ per month. Please sign and confirm 📝 the registration at
Description: Confirmation message of a school enrollment. The purpose is to inform and obtain an express confirmation for subsequent collection.

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