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Why use a landing web
in your SMS campaigns?

Advantages and benefits of an SMS web landing page

  • Extend the 160 characters of an SMS
  • Get improved metrics and results
  • Increase results and drive conversion
  • Improve your brand image

Landing pages use SMS as a "hook", they obtain visits from recipients who have received the SMS and benefit from SMS communication and its virtues:

A 98% read rate
Compatible with any international cell phone
Direct, scheduled and immediate communication
Economic, scalable and impact-driven costs

The web environment of a landing site provides an infinite number of resources to expand the content and possibilities of your action or campaign:

  • - Text in any format and structure
  • - Calls to action (cta): icons, buttons, lists, links,...
  • - Multimedia resources: images, animations, videos, documents,...
  • - Properties of the mobile devices: maps, calls, payments, Whatsapp,...

What's included in the Landing web service

Templates. Don't start from scratch, select a landing page from an extensive catalog of customizable templates. All with an attractive design created exclusively for mobile and that take advantage of all the features of the device and web environment.

Editor. Customize your landings as you wish by easily and intuitively modifying any aspect: structure, text, colors, typography, images, calls to action, map modules, listings, etc. All in a few minutes and without technical knowledge!

Hosting. Save your landing page that will be hosted on our servers and will be accessible from any mobile and device connected to the Internet with a shortened link. Don't worry about any technical aspect, we are your landing page hosting.

Optimized links Get a shortened link (only 14 characters!) that will be associated with your landing web. And you can also customize the domain of the link with one of your own brand that generates more reliability and recognition.

Monitoring. During the campaign or action, we monitor any clicks on the links and also the behavior of users on the landing. Improve the results and metrics of your SMS campaigns and segment your audience.

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This is what you can do with our SMS Web Landings

Health and health sector
Hello Maria, we attach here the 📅 schedules and 🎁 promotions for next August:
Any doubts or questions please call us at ☎️ 917826322.
Description: Communication of new schedules and promotions and special attention for loyal customers.
Catering and hotel sector
🏨Calos, tomorrow you have a reservation at our hotel in 📍 C/Cartagena 433, Barcelona.
More information about your room, opening hours, services and location at:
Description: Reminder of a reservation and communication of details via landing available throughout the stay.
Fashion and retail sector
💥 ULANKA💥 MONDAY ONLY TODAY -30dto with code SUPERMONDAY. Exclusive promotion for online customers on the following products: 👉
Description: Limited offer with discount code for existing customers and selected products.
Leisure and tourism sector
Take advantage of this OFFER ☀️🌴✈️ for this SUMMER LEARN ENGLISH while traveling. BOOK one of the last 5 places available with a 30% discount 👉
Description: Promotion limited in time and last units. The objective is to reach the maximum number of attendees to optimize your profitability.
Where to start? follow this step by step
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Access the landing templates catalog and select the one that best suits your campaign.
Customize the landing page in the editor
Configure your account with custom domain and consumer filters
Send your first tests
Buy an SMS pack tailored to your audience volume
Configure and schedule your SMS campaign for the right day and time
Measure the results of your campaign.
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Information of interest (FAQs)

This is a website destination page to which users are directed through links in SMS text messages.

These pages are specially designed to be concise and effective, adapted to mobile devices and focused on achieving a quick user response.

At LabsMobile we provide you with all the tools to create and customize your Landing Websites.

The first step is to create an account on our platform.

Once in the account you must access the Landings section and select a template.

Next you have the Editor landing to customize the structure, text, images, buttons, layout and all the elements of the landing.

Finally you must include the link in the text of the campaign. This shortened and personalized link is generated by our platform and is associated with the landing page.

The content must be direct and conversion-oriented, with clear calls to action.

Therefore, the basic elements are those that make it easy for the user to complete conversions such as buttons, icons and links. These must be clear and pursue a single objective.

It is also important that the user identifies with the brand that has sent the campaign through the design (colors, fonts, images, logos, etc.).

And finally it is also advisable to add contact methods by taking advantage of mobile functionalities such as maps, call links or links to other web pages.

The LabsMobile Landing web service is included in the price of the messages and therefore has no additional cost.

Any account has access to the Landings section without limitation.

Only paid SMS sent which have a price per message depending on the country of destination, type of SMS and volume of the pack.

More information in the SMS prices section and in How to calculate the price of an SMS?.

In an SMS campaign that includes a web landing page, many data are obtained that help to measure success and improve results in future actions.

These are the most important data:

  • - Delivery confirmations or error of SMS messages.
  • - Counting and monitoring of clicks per SMS.
  • - Data on each click: IP, date/time, device, language, etc.
  • - User behavior on the landing web with Google Analytics.

All these data allow not only to debug and update the database of recipients but also to identify loyal or viral users, perform web studies (A/B test, cta, conversions, etc.).

An SMS Landing Web can have multiple uses, leveraging the immediacy and high open rate of SMS to drive a variety of actions.

Some of the most common uses include:

  • - Promotions and special offers
  • - Events and registration
  • - Product launches
  • - Surveys and feedback
  • - Surveys and feedback
  • - Lead capture
  • - Leads acquisition
  • - Confirmations and reminders
  • - Confirmations and reminders
  • - Donation or recovery campaigns
  • - Content or application downloads
  • - Content or application downloads

Or simply to expand information and display multimedia elements: catalogs, videos, content indexes, etc.

See more frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base .