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SMS for CRM Software. Is it really useful for the company?

Any company, regardless of its size or its business area, needs a CRM. Thanks to the integration of this management software all processes can be streamlined, from human resources to accounting, customer relations and of course, marketing.

What if we told you that you can even use SMS campaigns for softwares? This is the great advantage of tools like the one we offer you in LabsMobile: with a simple API you can integrate your mass message campaigns with your CRM in order communication directly with your customers.

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Publication: 06.19.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022

Advantages of using SMS for CRM software:

Companies that use SMS for CRM software have several advantages. Including the following:

  • Cost savings in customer service, as well as being closer to the customers and improving the image of the brand.
  • Encouraging cross-selling, thanks to the offer of discounts and special promotions for loyalty customers ...
  • Automatic reminders for appointments or reservations.
  • Obtaining feedback from customers on the purchase and how they felt during the process...

How to use SMS for software

Depending on the marketing objectives of the company, LabsMobile's massive SMS campaigns can focus on 3 things, including:

1 Anticipating the needs of the client.

When the objective of a marketing campaign is to capture leads and customers, mass messages can become a tool that offers added value to those who receive them: the customer becomes the core of the strategy. This way the brand image improves considerably, since customers perceive that they will obtain a direct personalized service, and so engagement will increase.

2 Optimizing the information that customers receive.

Mobile phones can be an internal communication channel, but also a good way to stay in contact with customers. The good thing about using SMS is that we only need one piece of information to deal with those interested in the brand - their mobile number. We can forget about forms that are too long.

To offer discounts, gifts, special campaigns ...

Loyalty programs find their perfect ally in SMS. The customer receives all the information on campaigns, discounts or offers on his mobile. In this way we ensure that this information is received and the client perceives that we are attentive to your needs.

SMS for CRM Software. Is it really useful for the company?

You can already see the advantages you get from a SMS campaign for CRM Software like you get with LabsMobile. You will only need a few minutes to work with our tool through your management software, because thanks to the integration API that we put at your disposal, this whole process is really simple. Do not waste any more time and contact our advisers to request information about this service.

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