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SMS appointment reminders

An SMS appointmentservice could be of great use to your business. In a world where it feels like social networking and digital marketing saturates telecommunications, SMS still proves itself to be the best option for reaching your customers and clients.

As a method of communication, SMS is unique in that almost everybody reads text messages that are sent to their mobiles.

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Publication: 11.29.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

The advantages of an SMS appointment reminders.

Firstly, is that customers are able to manage their appointments effectively, and receive information on the date, time and the staff providing the service they have booked an appointment for.

Secondly, you will save staff time. Instead of your employees having to waste valuable time contacting all of your customers and clients individually, an automated system will line up the important messages and send them via SMS alerts.

An SMS appointment service is the best way to maintain a close and personal relationship with your customers.

Discover the advantages of an SMS appointment service for health clinics with a free trial.


Cases where an SMS appointment service could be used in healthcare:

  • Patients receive reminders about appointments via SMS.
  • Patients receive regular information about their prescriptions, and updates about modifications in their treatments, without needing to go to the medical centre.
  • SMS messaging can be used to send out information about courses of injections, and additional resources on chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Don’t hesitate to try out our SMS appointment service. Your clients and patients will thank you.

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