Benefit from LabsMobile gateway's routes and SMS connectivity.

What is a gateway or SMS gateway?

A SMS gateway is a system that allows the transmission of short messages (SMS) between systems such as software applications, social networks, etc. and the cell phone network.

An SMS gateway functions as an intermediary that offers SMS connectivity to any sender (brand, entity or company) that needs to communicate through this channel.

SMS gateways are used in a variety of contexts, applications or use cases such as sending security alerts, transaction confirmations, appointment reminders, marketing promotions, and to facilitate two-way communication between businesses and customers.

LabsMobile as gateway SMS.

The LabsMobile platform is one of the leaders as an international SMS gateway with proven experience since 2009.

LabsMobile with its platform covers all SMS functions and functionalities for any entity or company in any sector and use case.

The LabsMobile Professional SMS Gateway.

LabsMobile is a corporate SMS platform that guarantees compliance with current regulations and legislation in terms of SMS communications in each of the destinations where we have coverage.

We inform about the current regulations and restrictions of each country of destination as well as the provisions of the telecommunications regulatory entities.

In addition, we regularly publish training articles on how to optimize and improve the efficiency of SMS communication. Check out our Blog, tutorials and knowledge base to get trained and get the most out of the SMS channel.

Use our SMS gateway service to enhance your communication, comply with current legislation and improve the image of your brand and business.

International SMS coverage

We offer SMS coverage in more than 200 countries thanks to high-quality routes.

Each destination country has different benefits and restrictions that must be known before contracting the service or making sendings.

The following functionalities may vary depending on the destination country of the SMS:

  • Device or operator delivery confirmations.
  • Dynamic/fixed sender, with pre-registration requirement, numeric (shortcode/longcode) or alphanumeric.
  • Ability to contract a virtual number that enables incoming messages (received) and allows two-way conversations or communications.
  • Content or use cases not allowed.
  • Identification or pre-registration of the entity or sender of SMS communications.
  • Availability of local or international routes depending on the nationality of the issuer.

SMS routes of LabsMobile.

The SMS routes are the connections that LabsMobile's SMS gateway has contracted with the different telephone operators.

There are different SMS routes depending on their quality and functionalities. At LabsMobile we specialize and strive every day to always ensure the choice of direct and high quality routes that maximize delivery reliability in the shortest possible time.

For greater reliability and quality of our SMS gateway service, we provide 100% coverage in all operators in a country. In addition, we have backup and redundant SMS routes to guarantee the service even if any route or operator suffers any incidence or temporary problem.

Important We constantly monitor the reliability and deliverability of all our SMS gateway routes. And they also offer the best value for money in the market.

What is the price of LabsMobile's SMS gateway?

The LabsMobile SMS gateway has no setup or maintenance costs. You only pay for the messages sent.

How does the LabsMobile SMS gateway work?In order to access the SMS sending services it is necessary to purchase credit packs that will be added to the user's account balance. These credits can be used to send SMS messages to any destination country and of any type (standard, concatenated, unicode and certified).

All platform services, even the most advanced ones such as web landing pages, url shortener with custom domain, click monitoring, attachment sending, white labeling and many others are free of charge, included in the price of each SMS.

How to sign up for LabsMobile's gateway SMS?

These are the steps to contract the LabsMobile gateway or SMS gateway:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
Discover and test all the features of our SMS platform without restrictions and without commitments.
Follow the steps to validate your account and purchase your first SMS pack.
Make the first sendings or campaigns through our Web application or SMS API.
Access the metrics of delivery per message and statistics of the service. Study the results and improve them with each delivery.

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