Use cases and SMS applications for Software and technology

Drive user adoption and retention in the software and technology industry with LabsMobile. Delivers product updates, verification codes and technical support via SMS messages, improving user experience and satisfaction.

This sector includes mobile applications, computer or device repair, online platforms, content management software, ecommerce, vertical software, CRM software,...

The SMS channel for the industry Software and technology

Sending SMS messages from software systems has different uses such as solving security issues, logistics, as well as providing new forms of marketing.

The most widespread use is communication with end users to notify, remind or simply keep the customer informed of appointments or orders.

But SMS communication is also used to validate and verify the identity of users (with OTP codes or 2FA techniques). These aspects guarantee the authorship of certain actions and access to restricted private areas.

It is also common for many vertical management software (clinics, hairdressing salons, dentists, workshops, etc.) to have an SMS module from which you can communicate with the customer database or carry out campaigns.

Main sector uses Software and technology

  • User authentication through codes
  • Notification of errors or server crashes
  • User validation for restricted actions
  • Direct communication with customers from a software vertical
  • SMS booking management module
  • SMS module for sending promotional campaigns
  • Viralization messages in mobile applications and portals
  • Notification of status changes in online orders

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Software and technology

Your mobile number validation code is 8723. Enter this code in the SocialApp login form.
Description: Message with access code or verification. The objective is to validate a cell phone and authenticate the person in processes or restricted access.
💻 You can pick up your laptop at our store in 📍 C/Gran Via 324, Barcelona. Hours: M-F from 10h to 20h. Amount 💶 176,30€ more info at
Description: Notification for the collection of a repair. The objective is to efficiently manage pick-ups.
📆 Your booking has been confirmed. You have appointment on 12/03 at 12h at 📍 C/Paris 23. Cancel or modify your appointment at
Description: Communication of a reservation made on an online portal. The objective is to confirm the reservation and display all the associated information.

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