Use cases and SMS applications for Leisure

Drive customer experience in the leisure and tourism industry with LabsMobile. Deliver booking confirmations, real-time updates and exclusive offers to your customers, keeping them informed and engaged during every phase of their trip or experience.

This sector includes cultural events, amusement parks, nightlife, discotheques, pubs, tourist agencies, airlines, concerts, festivals,...

The SMS channel for the industry Leisure

SMS campaigns and mobile marketing can be a great ally for companies and organizations in the leisure and tourism sector. This sector often targets a young or middle-aged audience that is technologically savvy, which facilitates mobile communication and increases the effectiveness and success of SMS communication.

Nightclubs, events or other tourist attractions can promote their services or their offer through the SMS channel. The communication together with links to web landings (SMSLanding) is ideal for attaching photographs or multimedia resources to give a more attractive image.

Communication of one-off events by SMS such as concerts or cultural events is very useful. Reminders, collections or experience ratings are some of the examples that can be used in this sector.

Main sector uses Leisure

  • Sending coupons or discount codes
  • Confirmation of attendance
  • Reminder of schedules or relevant information
  • Sending tickets with barcodes or QR codes
  • Notification of unforeseen situations or last-minute changes
  • Promotion of last places or vacancies
  • Confirmation of reservations
  • Call for personnel
  • Internal communication
  • Experience evaluation surveys

Examples of SMS messages for the industry Leisure

As a VIP customer 😎 we invite you to our summer welcome party this Friday at 11pm with star guests and many surprises 💃 🕺 RSVP at
Description: Communication to attend an event or activity. The objective is to publicize a particular event and achieve maximum attendance.
📍 Buy your ticket NOW for the 🎸 Dire Straits concert on 12/08 20h with a 🎯 -30% discount at
Description: Discount promotion on a ticket to a show. The objective is to sell as many tickets as possible to an event.
⚡️ We only have 8 places left ⚡️ for the 7-day Greek Island TOUR. 💣 2x1 offer for less than 500€! book now at
Description: Offer of last units of a product. The objective is to make last minute sales with a special promotion.

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