Obtain a virtual number to send and receive SMS messages with a unique sender ID.

What are virtual SMS numbers and what are they for?

The virtual SMS numbers is a service that allows to generate two-way communications (sending and receiving) and also to obtain a unique and dedicated sender that generates more brand recognition and more reliable communications with better results.

To use this service, it's necessary to acquire a virtual number in the desired destination country. End-users will always receive your messages from the virtual number (as the sender) and will be able to reply by sending a local SMS back to you at none or minimal cost.

These are the advantages and benefits of contracting a virtual number
- Receive SMS messages
- Send SMS messages with a dedicated and unique sender
- Create two-way communications

The reception of SMS messages through the virtual number allows any mobile user to send SMS messages to the contracted number, and these messages will be received and managed through the LabsMobile platform.

This service opens up the possibility of establishing two-way conversations by sending SMS messages (individual or mass campaigns) with the virtual number as the sender and receiving messages in response.

Availability of Virtual SMS Numbers.

It is possible to contract virtual numbers in the following countries:

Countries with availability of virtual numbers
IsraelUnited Kingdom
ItalyUnited States

There are different types of virtual numbers such as shortcodes, longcodes, toll-free, among others, each with limitations and special conditions depending on the country and type of messages.

Contact us to obtain information about availability, type, rates and delivery time for each country.

If you are interested in a virtual number for a country not listed above, please contact us.

How does the virtual SMS numbers service work?

The contracted virtual numbers transmit any SMS message directly to our platform through the telephone operators.

Therefore, customers who have contracted virtual numbers can view and receive SMS messages through the following channels:

  1. Through the web application or dashboard of your account (in the Search SMS and Inbox).
  2. It is also possible to receive messages through the API SMS (Receive messages method) and thus integrate and automate the replies or SMS messages received with any application.
  3. Additionally, we offer the possibility of implementing SMS reception alerts via email or other channels upon request.

How much does the virtual SMS numbers service cost?

The cost of the SMS virtual number service consists of:

  • Registration, reservation and configuration of the virtual number. Amount to be paid only once at the beginning of the contracting process.
  • Monthly maintenance of the virtual number.
  • Cost of each SMS message received. Each SMS received may have a cost that will be deducted from the account balance at the time of receipt.

The specific amounts vary depending on the country and type of virtual number. Therefore, it is necessary to inform in the application form all the data and countries in which you want to contract virtual numbers in order to obtain the specific prices and conditions.

How to contract a virtual SMS number?

These are the steps to request and contract a virtual SMS number on the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
Contact us and request information about the availability and conditions of virtual numbers.
You will receive by email the available options in each country with all the conditions and detailed prices.
Once the virtual number to be contracted has been confirmed, the registration fee must be paid and all the necessary documentation and data must be provided.
Finally, once the virtual number is registered, it will be associated to the account and the LabsMobile team will notify about its availability and correct operation.
At the beginning of each month the maintenance fee of the virtual number will be charged and the credits corresponding to the SMS received will be deducted from the account balance.

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