Extend the capacity of your SMS by delivering a single message to the recipient.

What is a Concatenated SMS?

A concatenated SMS is an SMS message that has a length or capacity greater than 160 characters. It is transmitted in segments or parts and will be displayed as a single message to the end recipient.

A conventional or standard SMS message has a maximum capacity of 160 characters. However, thanks to concatenated SMS, this capacity can be expanded, allowing more extensive and detailed communications.

How does a Concatenated SMS work?

Once Concatenated SMS service is enabled in the Account Preferences, users will be able to send Concatenated SMS messages with more capacity from any form or SMS sending option in our Web Application.

In addition, it is possible to automate the sending of Concatenated SMS by integrating with LabsMobile's SMS API, see the API documentation for more information.

How much does a Concatenated SMS cost?

The activation of the concatenated SMS service is free of charge. Only Concatenated SMS messages sent are charged. Credits corresponding to the length of the SMS text will be deducted.

Details on Concatenated SMS capacity and cost:

Capacity of a Concatenated SMS
Up to 160 characters1 credits
From 161 to 306 characters2 credits
From 307 to 459 characters3 credits

It is not recommended to send concatenated SMS of more than 3 parts because they may present errors in transmission, delivery or display.

All sending forms in our web application show the number of characters, segments and credits consumed by any standard or concatenated sending. More information in How to calculate the cost of an SMS.

How to enable the Concatenated SMS Sending Service?

These are the steps to send Concatenated SMS in the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account.
Through any sending form or API you will be able to send concatenated messages of more than 160 characters.

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