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What does the LabsMobile Support consist of?

In LabsMobile we are committed to give the best attention and support to our customers. And for this we have created the following support plans:

Support plans available on the LabsMobile platform

  • Support Standard.
  • Premium Support

Below we explain in detail what is included and the requirements of each plan.

What is and what does the Standard Support Plan include?

The Standard Support Plan is all those online resources, contact channels and availability of our agents that are offered at no cost to all accounts and users of our platform.

These are the channels or ways to contact our agents:

  • Chat with immediate attention from one of our "human" support agents. No bots, no predefined or automatic answers. Available during the following hours: weekdays from 6h GMT to 1h GMT.
  • Ticketing for resolution and follow-up of any case (incidents, queries, technical support, etc.). Accessible from the web application (Support->My support tickets) or by sending an email to Available 24h 365 days. SLA: less than 6h for priority cases or incidents and 12h for any other issue.

In addition you have the following support resources:

What is the Premium Support Plan?

The Premium Support Plan is a complementary service to Standard for customers with a regular high volume consumption or for customers who decide to contract this plan on demand.

What is included in the Premium Support Plan?

Customers who enjoy the Premium plan will have priority treatment and response in their queries and incidents, direct attention and customized consulting and training in the use of the SMS LabsMobile platform.

Advantages of the Premium Support plan
  • Direct contact: a direct contact line will be provided with a Key Account to request information or make any inquiry. This Key Account will be the recommended interlocutor in case of any incident, query or requirement. The means of contact may be by email, WhatsApp or phone call.
  • Priority support: any query or incident in our Support Center (chat and ticketing) will have priority over other cases and a more demanding response and resolution SLA.
  • Advice and consultancy: every year a study of the client's sendings and activity will be carried out. With this information, a report with recommendations and best practices adapted to the specific case of the client account will be prepared.
  • Training: a training plan of up to 3 annual sessions on the functionalities of the LabsMobile platform and the SMS channel is included.

How much does the Premium or Standard Support cost?

The Standard Support is free of charge and is included in the service for all LabsMobile platform customers.

The Premium Support is included free of charge to all those customers who have a consumption of more than 5€ per day (150€ per month for at least 6 consecutive months). In this way LabsMobile rewards its best loyal customers with its best service.

For all other customers, the price of Premium support is €89/month (with a minimum permanence of 6 months) and includes all the services mentioned above.

How to contract Standard or Premium Support?

These are the steps to integrate and use the Mail SMS service in the LabsMobile platform:

Register, create a user account here and follow the steps to validate your account. Right after the account registration the Standard Support will be available.
In the case of premium support no management is required. The account will be recognized as Premium by our system. In that case, you will be notified by email and the assigned Key Account will contact you to inform and initiate the Premium Support Plan.
To sign up for on-demand premium support you must send an e-mail to with your account information.

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