SMS integration with Pipedrive

Send SMS messages using the LabsMobile platform integrated with the CRM Pipedrive. Configure your Pipedrive user to send SMS messages to any contact and notify events, meetings, appointments, organization status, quotes among others.


  • Sending notifications of events, meetings, appointments, organization status, quotations.


  • A user on Pipedrive. More information at .
  • A script that receives events from Pipedrive (Webhook) and communicates with the LabsMobile API. More information in LabsMobile SMS API.
  • A LabsMobile user account. Follow the link below to create a new account: Register.


In the Pipedrive integration, authentication is performed with two parameters:

  • The user name (username) of the account to be specified in the $username variable.
  • The tokenapi to be assigned in the $token variable. This tokenapi can be generated from the API Settings section of your account.

Recommendation You can generate API tokens from the API Settings of the account. We recommend changing the token frequently and using different tokens for each use, connection or integration.


  1. Create or have a script that receives events (Webhook) from Pipedrive and connects to the LabsMobile SMS API. The following section shows an example script in PHP that can be customized and modified. This script should be hosted on a web service and thus obtain a URL where it will be publicly accessible.

Example Script

Download the sample PHP script to service the Pipedrive webhook.

In this case the LabsMobile API is used, in order to notify via SMS when the Pipedrive user wants to send an SMS message to a contact. In this way, the SMS channel is added to the Pipedrive CRM.

  1. Inside the script you must update the pipedrive token which can be found inside the user profile.

  1. Create SMS activity. To create the activity you must follow the following path: Settings/Company settings/Add activity type. You must indicate as the name of the activity "SMS" and also select the "Phone" icon. Finally Save.

  1. Create webhook in Pipedrive. You must go to the Tools and applications/Webhook path. There create a new Webhook and indicate to send an event to the URL of the script from step 1 at the moment an activity is created.

  1. Generate an API token in the API Settings section of your LabsMobile account. This API token is the one that will be used as the password in the script credentials along with the username email.

  1. Enable link shortening in the Preferences section of your LabsMobile account. This way any link will be shortened to the minimum possible to optimize the characters present in the SMS text.

  1. Test the SMS integration with Pipedrive. To perform the test you must go to a Business and then go to activities. In this section we add the message body, mark the activity as completed and finally click Save.

  1. Finally you can see how the message is saved in the Business communication history.