SMS integration with Freshdesk

Send SMS messages using the LabsMobile platform integrated with your Freshdesk account. Configure your user to be able to communicate specific events to a script, allowing you to send SMS notifications directly from Freshdesk.


  • Sending messages notifying the current status of each ticket.
  • Customization of the content of the messages using variables to adapt them to your specific needs.


  • A user at Freshdesk. More information at .
  • A script that receives Freshdesk (Webhook) events and communicates with the LabsMobile API. More information in LabsMobile SMS API.
  • A LabsMobile user account. Follow the link below to create a new account: Register.


In the Freshdesk integration, authentication is performed with two parameters:

  • The user name (username) of the account to be specified in the $username variable.
  • The tokenapi to be assigned in the $toke variable. This tokenapi can be generated from the API Configuration section of your account.

Recommendation You can generate API tokens from the API Settings of the account. We recommend changing the token frequently and using different tokens for each use, connection or integration.


  1. Create or have a script that receives Freshdesk events (Webhook) and connects to the LabsMobile SMS API. The following section shows an example script in PHP that can be customized and modified. This script must be hosted in a web service and thus obtain a URL where it will be publicly accessible.

Example Script

Download the sample PHP script to service the Freshdesk webhook.

In this case the LabsMobile API is used, in order to notify via SMS when any open ticket is answered or resolved. In this way, it is possible to send SMS with the current status of the ticket and a direct access to consult the content of the ticket.

  1. Create a new automation rule. Access the Administration/Automations/Automations/Updates section of the ticket and click on New rule. Enter a name for the rule and finally Preview and save.
Configuración de automatizaciones en Freshdesk para enviar notificaciones SMS de estados de tickets

  1. Configure the new rule when an Agent answers any ticket.
Configuración de regla en Freshdesk para la actualización de tickets: nombre de la regla, usuario que realiza la acción y propiedades del ticket

  1. Add the webhook action with the POST method and entering the URL where the script from step 1 has been published. Finally it is necessary to configure the JSON format and the content with all the variables.
Agregar acciones al Webhook de Freshdesk: tipo de solicitud, URL, tipo de codificación y contenido

  1. Generate an API token in the API Settings section of your LabsMobile account. This API token is the one that will be used as the password in the script credentials along with the username email.
Generación de tokens API en LabsMobile para el script de notificaciones de tickets de Freshdesk

  1. Enable link shortening in the Preferences section of your LabsMobile account. This way any ticket link will be shortened to the minimum possible to optimize the characters present in the SMS text.
Activación de reemplazo de enlaces para acortar los URLs en las notificaciones de Freshdesk utilizando el formato de LabsMobile
  1. Test SMS integration with Freshdesk when answering any ticket.
Envío de notificación SMS desde Freshdesk con estado del ticket e idioma de la notificación