SMS App for integration with Pabbly

Send SMS messages through the LabsMobile Action within the Pabbly platform. Use the Pabbly Connect platform to integrate the LabsMobile Action and in seconds you will be able to send SMS messages.

Register at to access Pabbly services and you can automate message sending with any service compatible or integrated with Pabbly.

The main companies and services of the Internet are already integrated. There are thousands of possibilities at your fingertips, visit


  • Basic SMS sending.
  • Scheduled sendings.
  • Shipments by campaigns.
  • Balance inquiry.


  • Create an account on the Pabbly platform. Learn more at .
  • A LabsMobile user account. Follow the link below to create a new account: Register.


In the integration with Pabbly, authentication is performed with two parameters:

  • The username of the account to be entered in the username field.
  • The tokenapi to be assigned in the password field. This tokenapi can be generated from the API Settings section of your account.

Recommendation You can generate API tokens from the API Settings of the account. We recommend changing the token frequently and using different tokens for each use, connection or integration.


  1. Log in to your Pabbly account and go to the Pabbly Connect option.
  1. Access the Create Workflow option.
  1. Finally in the action option, look for the LabsMobile action.
  1. Enter the credentials in the LabsMobile Action. The credentials are: username and API token of your LabsMobile account.

  1. If you only need to do a basic sending, just choose the Send SMS option and enter the phone number to which you will send the message in the Recipient Mobile Number field and enter the message in the Message field.

  1. In case you want to send a scheduled message, you must select the Scheduled At option where you can choose the date and time of sending.

  1. To execute the LabsMobile action alone, simply save the workflow and wait for its execution or click on Save & Send Test Request.

Case studies

  1. Google Calendar notification via SMS.

  1. Bulk SMS sending from Airtable.

  1. Bulk SMS sending from Google Sheets

  1. Send notification from Pipedrive