SMS plugin for Magento integration

Send SMS messages using the LabsMobile platform integrated with the Magento eCommerce platform. You just need to register and install the extension and in seconds you will be ready to send messages to your customers.


  • SMS notification to customers when a new order is created.
  • SMS notification when an order changes to one of the following statuses: onHold, unHold, Canceled, Shipped.
  • Sending individual and bulk SMS messages.



In the integration with Magento the authentication is done with two parameters:

  • The username of the account to be specified in the username variable.
  • The tokenapi to be assigned in the password variable. This tokenapi can be generated from the API Settings section of your account.

Recommendation You can generate API tokens from the API Settings of the account. We recommend changing the token frequently and using different tokens for each use, connection or integration.


  1. Install the Carotechs SMS Notifications extension in your Magento eCommerce.
  1. Configure the extension with the parameters of your LabsMobile account, inside the Admin Panel go to System->Configuration->Sms Notifications.
SMS Gateway API URL:
URL Call Method: GET
Message parameter name: message
To Number - Parameter Name: msisdn

TipIf you get a 404 Not found error, you must refresh the cache, refresh the roles and logout/login the administrator user.

  1. Consult the LabsMobile API/GET documentation to configure other options such as sender, test messages, etc. More information in Documentation.
  1. You can now use all the features of the extension.