App for SMS integration in Pabbly

Send SMS messages through the LabsMobile Action within the Pabbly platform. Use the Pabbly Connect platform to use the Pabbly Action for sending SMS.

Sign up for Pabbly ( to access Pabbly services and you will be able to automate shipping of SMS messages from the LabsMobile platform from any service compatible with Pabbly.

The main Internet companies and services are already integrated. There are thousands of possibilities at your fingertips, visit!


  • - Create an account on the Pabbly platform. More information at
  • - A user account with LabsMobile. Click on the link to create an account: Sign up.


LabsMobile Action Search

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Go to the Pabbly Connect option.

3. Access the Create Workflow option.

4. Finally in the action option, look for the LabsMobile action.

The action of LabsMobile

- First, you'll need to enter the credentials for the LabsMobile Action. The credentials are: the Labsmobile account email (username) and the API token generated from your account.

- If you only need to send a basic message, just choose the Send SMS option and enter the phone number to which you will send the message in the Recipient Mobile Number field and enter the message in the Message field.

- In case you want to send a scheduled message, you must select the Scheduled At option where you can choose the date and time of sending.

- Now if you want to send a scheduled message or cancel a scheduled message you must choose the Manage Scheduled Sendings option and enter the message id and select the Cancel or Send option.

- To be able to execute the LabsMobile action alone, simply save the workflow and wait for its execution or, if you wish, click on Save & Send Test Request.

Basic operations:

Basic SMS sending

Basic SMS sending

Scheduled SMS sending

Scheduled SMS sending

Cancel sending

Balance request

Practical cases:

Notificación de Google Calendar por medio de SMS

Google Calendar notification via SMS

Bulk SMS from Airtable

Bulk SMS from Airtable

Bulk SMS from Google Sheets

Bulk SMS from Google Sheets

Send notification from Pipedrive

Send credit notification via Slack
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