Glossary of terms

The following definitions of technical terms that appear on this website and in the manual integration of the API will help you to better understand our documentation.

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XML is the acronym for eXtensible Markup Language. XML is an extensible metalanguage of tags developed by W3C, and is a way of defining languages for a specific need. The SMSAPI of LabsMobile uses XML to define the format of a SMS message in the http/POST, SMTP (email) technologies and WebService.


MSISDN stands for Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network and identifies a subscription in the GSM or UMTS network. That is to say, it identifies the subscription and corresponds with the phone number of the SIM card. The number has a maximum length of 15 digits and is composed of the country code and the subscriber's number (in Spain +34 and 9 digits).


ACK notifications are the confirmations of delivery of messages sent by the LabsMobile messaging platform. You will be notified at the exact moment that the SMS message changes status.

There are three types of ACK notifications:

  • gateway: the moment when the message has been validated and sent to the GSM net.
  • operator: the moment when the local operator accepts the message and becomes responsible for its delivery.
  • handset: the moment when the message is received by the mobile device. ACK notifications will not occur if the cell phone: is a valid mobile, it´s turned off or out of signal, the voicemail inbox is full or if the device is in a period of data transfer.


SMS-MT messages (Short message Mobile Terminated) are those which have a mobile device as their destination. In our documentation, all the messages sent from the LabsMobile platform are considered SMS-MT.


SMS-MO messages (Short message Mobile Originated) are messages sent from a mobile device. The destination could be, for example, a number associated with the LabsMobile messenger platform which is able to redirect the message (via WebSMS, SMS, email, http/GET, http/POST, WebService, etc.).


UTF-8 is a set of characters that can represent any Unicode character. It includes all the symbols used in Latin and Anglo-Saxon languages. This set of characters (charset) is used by LabsMobile, and is the one that must be used in communicating with SMSAPI.


GSM is the global system for the mobile communications (GSM comes from the French 'Groupe Special Mobile'). Using this international reach technology, SMS messages can be sent to all mobile devices.


TPOA corresponds to the origin of the message or sender. The TPOA (Transmission Path Originating Address) in a message between two mobiles always contains the mobile number of the sender, but with the LabsMobile messaging platform it can have any value respecting the maximum size (16 digits if numeric or 11 characters if alphanumeric).It usually contains the name of the company that sends the message or the number that wishes to receive the response (InCode, SMSPremium or MSISN).


The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol ensures a secure connection through the internet. This protocol can be used in all communications with the SMSAPI and the WebSMS application to ensure the privacy and non-vulnerability of the account's authentication.


API stands for Application Programming Interface. The API establishes rules and specifications to communicate with the LabsMobile messaging platform from any application. Functions developed from various standard technologies (http/POST, http/GET, WebService, email) facilitate integration with any Web, portal, CRM, Desktop application, etc.


HTTP is the communications protocol between websites. The LabsMobile messaging platform accepts HTTP/GET calls to send messages. This type of GET invocation sends the parameters in the URL.


HTTP is the communications protocol between websites. The LabsMobile messaging platform accepts http/POST calls to send messages. This type of POST invocation sends the parameters of the invocation in the request body and not in the URL.


A web or WebService is a group of protocols and standards for data exchange between applications. The LabsMobile messaging platform has published WebService for the delivery of messages with all the available options.